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  • Powerhouse Powerhouse Oct 29, 2009 4:20 PM Flag

    Position Player Depth 2009

    I too thought about do player stat. analysis by position but it's 25 years since I grad. from college and time at a preminium.Please send final results to pauldelucchi@ymail.com

    What I seen so far is in a 12team league.
    Draft in
    1st C
    2nd 2B/or best avail
    3rd SS or best aval
    4th 2B/SS or best avail.

    In rounds 1-4 I think you need a C/2nd/SS
    according to what I have seen so far

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    • Well, so far, I would grab Joe Mauer or one of Brian McCann or Victor Martinez as soon as the round they should be taken in comes up. That means Joe Mauer should be a 2nd or 3rd round pick for you. For me I am going to aim to pick him as my 2nd rounder (if I have a late 2nd round pick).

      SS is the next thinnest position, so that means you should get a top SS if you can since that position is at a premium. That means getting one of Han-Ram, Tulo, Jeter, or possibly Jose Reyes and J-Roll.

      2B is thin, but I noticed quite a few names that could be taken in later rounds that would be good picks. However, if you can get Utley, get Utley. Use your 10-15 round picks on OF'ers with speed instead of trying to get a 2B with speed in the higher picks (I.E. Brian Roberts).

      Mind you this is initial rankings and will have no bearing, initially, on how my draft order will turn out. Once everything is totaled up, and the position values are evaluated, who are the top players in each position, when they "probably" will be picked, etc, I'll make a draft order based on that.

    • Your first rounder pick should be who you perceive to be the best offensive player available when your draft pick comes up. Usually that is a safe bet for the 2nd round pick too, however by then a player like Utley and Tulo are in that category, and are at position premiums.

      Joe Mauer is awesome, but I am a bit hesitant because he does play at catcher and boy this season will be a hard one for him to top statistically.