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  • James James Oct 5, 2009 3:31 PM Flag

    Winning Moves:

    Okay, time to crow about winning your leagues. What move (if any) won the league? I won a roto league on the last Saturday of the season. Added seven starters(two qualified as RP) (only 10 innings left before limit). Pulled out FIVE wins (Blackburn should have been six--the other was a pitcher facing a pitcher I added). Needed the wins badly, and won the league. Any other stories?

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    • I started the season 4-30 in a H2H league... yeah, that's right (VERY unlucky draft)

      picked up Rajai Davis, Garret Jones, Justin Upton (have no idea how he ended up on waivers), and ended up switching 15 of my 21 players, and at many times it was a carousel in every position.. came back to make the playoffs by a half game as the 6th seed, and then won the pool in the playoffs.

      I'd like to thank the strong play of A-rod, Ichiro, Roy Hallday, Mariano Rivera, Brian Wilson, Jason Werth, and Josh Beckett... they were the only ones to stay on my team the whole year.

    • On the last day of the semi-finals, with ERA being the deciding stat, I sat Lincecum and Baker to preserve my lead in that category. They went on to give up 9ER in 8.2 innings, and since I sat them I went on to win the league two weeks later.

    • pickin up cohglan and tradin wright and ellsbury for a rod and nyjer morgan with allready alot of speed

    • traded Willingham while he was on a tear for Nolasco.
      16K's keeps the doctor away.

    • picked up o cabrera and bautista for the last week and made a comeback down 8-4 and won 9-4 on the very last day

    • Traded Jermaine Dye for Victor Martinez, about 2 weeks before VMart went to the Sox, and dye went in the tank. Ended up making ahuge difference as I had depth at OF and was suffering through G.Soto at C.

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      • Traded for Pujols before the season by trading Longoria and Markakis, thereby putting Pujols and Arod on the same team. I also had Ryan Howard(dynasty league). Also stole Lincecum for Carlos Lee and dealt Nelson Cruz for Javy Vazquez. Picking up Garrett Jones was nice. Picking up Michael Bourn was also. But in the end, Arod won it for me with 2HR and 7RBI in the 6th inning of yesterdays game. Nothing tricky, just accumulating stud players over time by making smart moves.

        It may sound boring, but to me having AROD, Pujols, and Howard on the same team is anything but.

    • Getting Peavy sealed it for me! When he was put on the DL and the ChiSox were dealing for him I picked him up which added some great depth to my pitching staff (I had CC, Verlander, Grienke, & Wandy Rodriguez) I was actually able to beat my opponent (who no less tried to "stream" to victory) If it wasn't for him I would have claimed another title this year!

    • I added 7 Pitchers including Nelson Figueroa, Tim Hudson....i needed ERA to tie 6-6 and then win the tiebreak, i was down by .3 in ERA and ended up wining by .03

      He added Clay Bucholtz and had Josh Johnson pitching

      Screw him ...i tied it up 6-6 1st place


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