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  • matt k matt k Jul 29, 2009 4:13 PM Flag

    help me out and I'll answer your questions.

    12 team H2H league. I'd like to add a closer and/or starter. Who on my current team would be the best option to trade to obtain what I need. Are there other noticeable weaknesses in my team? I'm currently thinking one of Alex Rios, BJ Upton or Nick Markakis would be the best trade bait I could offer without significantly hurting my team........I've currently offered BJ Upton, Ricky Romero for Dan Haren. Does this have a chance?

    C- Doumit
    1b- Pujols
    2b- Zobrist
    SS- Stephen Drew
    3B- Arod
    OF- Dunn
    OF- Nyjer Morgan
    OF- Nick Markakis
    Util- Votto
    BN- Alex Rios
    BN- BJ Upton
    BN- Alexei Ramirez

    SP- Chad Billingsley
    SP- AJ Burnett
    RP- Gregg
    RP- JP Howell
    SP- Matt Garza
    SP- Ricky Romero
    SP- Tommy Hanson
    SP- Joel Pineiro
    SP- Francisco Liriano
    DL- Matt Lindstrom

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    • Try something like Upton for Street

    • Upton and Romero does not translate into a top 5 fantasy pitcher. Upton is a good place to start with a trade though. Some people are still intruiged by his upside even though his year is a dissapointment.

      What do you think...

      I give:

      I get:
      Aaron Hill

      Do I imrpove my hitting? My reasoning is that I will sell high on Willingham since he is expected to be traded and could lose some AB's.

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      • A few things to keep in mind regarding your trade: 1) Aaron Hill is hitting roughly .230 with a OPS around .750 over close to the previous 2 months 2) Morneau has been traditionally (power wise especially) a 1st half player.......... I'd say this trade depends largey on your opinion of Willingham (whether he keeps getting regular AB even if traded or if he can keep his pace up). I think Zobrist keep up a very nice pace (his peripherals give me no reason to think he won't). He'll finish with 25-30 HR, .280, 90 RBI, 15-20 SB... not shabby for a guy with 2b, SS, OF eligibility.

    • you might find a closer on Friday if someone (Baltimore) trades their closer away.

      I don't think your trade offer will work, it might have 2 weeks ago before Romero came back to earth.

      Your starting pitching looks better than your hitting to me. Just make sure you aren't starting every pitcher every time out trying to accumulate wins. That is a great strategy to lose the WHIP and ERA categories each week.

      Of your guys, Upton or Markakis would be enticing. I would give up on Markakis. Something has robbed him off his power.

    • I would go after a CPmaybe offer Nick for a closer he should go for almost any closer straight up if they dont do it straight up put Alexi in it and SP could use a tad bit of help but not alot and can u answer my post called What do i need??????????


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