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  • mopdrastic mopdrastic Jul 28, 2009 1:09 AM Flag

    Hockey Sucks

    If everyone took the time to learn about hockey as much as they've spent learning baseball, this post wouldn't have been made. Baseball is by far my favorite sport but I grew up playing hockey. From when I was 3 years old I could hit a hockey puck but it took me a long time to learn the intricacies of the sport of baseball, I have so much respect for the game. Baseball(and the Jays) are my passion but hockey is my life. Let's give respect to both sports. I love hockey and I love Baseball.

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    • hockey really sucks

    • both sides here make good points and bad points.

      i think we can all agree to disagree.

      however, people like JD, who just come out and say hockey sucks, because that's how he feels, is just ignorant and stupid. and most likely hates the game because he tried playing it and couldn't stand up on skates.

      I've played both hockey and baseball since I could walk. hitting a baseball well is definitely harder then any aspect of hockey. HOWEVER, overall, hockey is definitely a harder game to be good at. It involves so many more skills then baseball, it's not even a competition.

      and hockey was at one point (in the 80s), as popular as of the other three major sports. it took it's hit big time and is now slowly starting to rise.

      5, 10 years down the road, who knows where it will be. all's i know is I will always be a fan and always appreciate the purity of the game and the overall toughness it takes to play the game. you can be a pu$$y and suceed in baseball and basketball....sure can't be one in hockey...


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