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  • Chrae Chrae Jul 23, 2009 8:37 PM Flag

    Who's Going To The Hall?

    Of the active players, who's headed to the Hall if they were retiring today?
    Alex Rodriguez
    Derek Jeter
    Mariano Rivera
    Randy Johnson
    Pedro Martinez
    Manny Ramirez
    Jim Thome
    Todd Helton
    Albert Pujols
    Ivan Rodriguez
    Tom Glavine
    John Smoltz
    Omar Vizquel
    Chipper Jones
    Ichiro Suzuki
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Trevor Hoffman
    Gary Sheffield

    Did I forget anyone?

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    • i just don't think you can penalize a player because of where he has to play. that's just not fair - he was drafted by the rockies back in 95, and loyally played his entire career there. to penalize him for that would be ridiculous. but that's just my opinion.

      and matt holliday isn't todd helton, so what he has done seems completely irrelevant. maybe matt holliday just had a couple of great seasons? it has certainly happened before.

    • interesting how you avoided the colorado pitching differentials home / away, matt hollidays performance and maintain coors park has nothing to do with stats.

    • yeah my bad about the pujols thing - i realized i was looking at his '09 splits instead of his career splits.

      anyway, i think the only conclusion to draw is that there are good arguments to be made on both sides, which we have both done.

      therefore, reasonable minds can differ, and we'll just have to wait it out and see.

    • so he has an excellent obp. would you elect to the HOF a guy with 250 homers and 950 rbi's with an average of .295. those are nice stats, but a number of career players have superior stats who aren't in the HOF. those stats represent a doubling of helton's road stats to take away the coors effect. they\re good - just not nearly good enough. and pujols career home / road obp is .434/.420. thats a marginal discrepancy, not a "huge discrepancy".

    • A-Rod's career OBP is only .389

      Vlady Guerrero's careeer OBP is only .389

      Even pujols has a huge discrepancy between his home/away OBP, granted they are both well over .400.

      being worse on the road is just part of the game

    • he's actually fallen to 12th recently.

      not that the decimals will effect the hall voting.

    • mfp - I never said I would not put any rockie in the HOF. its you who jumped to that conclusion. in order to properly assess rockie players however, you have to look at their road stats - on that basis, helton is certainly a good player but not HOF worthy. and to your point that playing at home or on the road is irrelevant, and that home stats are usually better, then answer this: the colorado team e.r.a. at home is 4.96 (2nd WORST in the majors including the AL which has the DL) ; on the road it is 3.63 which is 2nd BEST in the majors. The ballpark is a HUGE factor - otherwise, collectively, a pitching staff would have a lower era at home vs. the road per your logic.

    • Ozzie Smith's in. Vizquel will probably be in. Mattingley should be there.

    • yeah and his OBP away from Coor's is only .395

      there are going to be voters that punish him for road numbers that are no where close to HOF caliber.

    • yeah, if gold gloves mattered Don Mattingly would be in the hall

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