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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong Jul 7, 2009 3:32 PM Flag

    Doumit, a pick up ?

    Nice thought but WRONG!!! If you are in the standard Yahoo! format then you can get as many strikeouts and wins as you need by following a "rent-a-pitcher" strategy. You see...losses do not matter in the standard format (whereas they might matter in a custom league). Thus, each day you scan the "Probable" starters in the league and drop one starting pitcher (the one that started yesterday) for one starting today.

    I have done this for myself and won wins every week except 2 and I have won Ks every week except 1. I have Brandon Webb on my team (on the DL all year) and this has created an extra roster spot. This is my "rent-a-pitcher" position. I have 5 solid starters (Sabathia, Beckett, Josh Johnson, Wandy Rodriguez, and J.A. Happ). I then rent a 6th starter 7 days a week. This gets me 3-4 additional starts a week (assuming most of my starters will pitch just one game and one or two might have two starts a week). As such, the 3-4 additional starts a week is worth 1-2 extra wins and 10-20 extra Ks. Needless to say I am dominating wins and Ks this season. That is 2 guaranteed category wins per week. Just make sure that your "rent-a-pitcher" has a low ERA and WHIP (high K rate does not matter since these are "extra" Ks per week). You want your "rent-a-pitcher" to have a low ERA and WHIP so as not to adversely affect these categories. Thus, if your "rent-a-pitcher" performs well you should win Ws, Ks, ERA, and WHIP.

    Now...just get a deeper bench so that you have somebody filling every position everyday so that you can win Rs and RBIs every week too.


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