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  • DAHVINMAN DAHVINMAN Jun 25, 2009 3:10 PM Flag

    Comments on this trade offer

    Should I accept this trade

    I get Pujols - Burnett and Michael Young

    I give Hanley - Prince Fielder and Soria

    I am currently in a 5x5 H2h league. I am in last the other manager is in 2nd.

    My team is as follows
    Alexi Ramirez - of
    Juan Rivera
    Konerko - util

    Josh Johnson
    Fernando Nieve

    Downs - dl

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    • oh and dont forget. by getting pujols you hav ethe best trade bait ever. you can always use him to go after someone you really want though i would never give him up.

    • I would take it.

      You get pujols who pretty much rules 5x5 leagues. he is on pace for 50 hrs this year and is a for sure monster. you have no closers so losing soria is really not a big loss to you. It's not like KC is good and Soria is not going to carry you in saves which is a throw away catagory anyway. I put that in the same area as steals.

      Hanley is not going to put up the numbers you expect. I think he is hiding an injury and going to pretty much pull a rollins this year and not play up to his potential. young is a good ss to have. he wil definitly help you with BA not to mention he is a multi position player in yahoo.

      Fielder is good but i would not xpect more than 30 hrs fromhim this year.

      Burnett is iffy but if anything you can trade him as well. But rememeber te yanks are always late season kings. Things will heat up for him.

      Your team is not working for you now obviously if your in last place. sometimes you have to make drastic moves. besides like you said you are in last place what do you have to lose.

    • Bump - Thanks for the 2 replies so far. Interesting. This moring I got 2 replies going the opposite way.

    • no def not can you check my trade out a-rod 4 haren

    • No, Reject It


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