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  • Nathan Nathan Jun 23, 2009 5:25 PM Flag

    what do you think?

    i know i need some major pitching help and am trying to get it and to get rid of rollins, santana, and webb if possible, any other ideas on how to help out my team? i just made some changes and thinking that they will help but just wondering.

    C-Brandon Inge SP-Joe Saunders
    1B-Adrian Gonzalez SP- Justin Verlander
    2B-Dustin Pedroia SP-J.A. Happ
    3B-Chipper Jones RP-Rafael Soriano
    SS-Jason Bartlett RP-George Sherrill
    OF-Jacoby Ellsbury RP-Jose Valverde
    OF-Justin Upton P-Derek Lowe
    OF-Jermaine Dye P-Edwin Jackson
    Util-Hunter Pence BN-Ervin Santana-DL
    BN-Jimmy Rollins BN-Edinson Volquez-DL
    BN-Manny Ramirez-NA DL-Brandon Webb