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  • bowlinggod bowlinggod May 28, 2009 10:42 AM Flag

    Anyone have questions? I have answers!

    I am in salary cap league and currently have $20 cap space. I'm going to pick up Derosa for $15 and Escobar for $5. I'd like to upgrade third base and probably outfield just having doubts about Ethier. At 3b only guy worth a darn is Mark Reynolds he is $14. For outfield Vlad guerrero for $24 is out there, Magglio Ordonez $21, Mike Cameron $10, Juan Pierre for $9, Foukodome $10, and Abreau for $24 are only reasonable options. What would you do to make my team better? I'm toying with dumping belliard, and wolf and adding pierre. Is Pierre really better then Vlad now can't believe i can say i think he is. Thanks for help.

    catcher victor martinez $17
    1st base Joey Votto $17
    2nd base Jose Lopez $14
    ss Hanley Ramirez $40
    3b Hank Blalock $9
    OF Mclouth $26
    OF Damon $16
    OF Ethier $17
    Util Carlos Pena $18
    bench Ian Stewart $5
    Ronnie Belliard $5
    Mat Gamel $2

    SP Ervin Santana $19
    SP Roy Oswalt $16
    SP Matt Garza $12
    SP Roy Halladay $28
    SP Randy Wolf $4
    RP Frank Fransicso $12
    RP Chad Qualls $12
    RP Trevor Hoffman $13
    RP Ryan Franklin $1
    Kiroda $7
    Jordan Zimmermann $1
    Kyle Lohse $5
    Kyle Davies $1
    Ted Lilly $12
    Pedro Martinez $1

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    • i'd say dump jose lopez he's garbage and is going to lose playing time. i like jaun pierre a lot, and for only $9 you get a lot of value out of him. vlad for $24 or jaun for $9 i think that's a no brainer. either will be fine when manny gets back in the line up. ronnie belliard should have been off your roster after week one. escabor is a good price as well but not sure how his health is he may be heading to the dl so keep an eye out. i'd try and trade ervin santana i think it's going to take him quite some time to get back in the groove of things.

    • Pierre for $9 is great value i'm just worried that i'll have to burn another waiver move when Manny comes back or Ethier and Pierre could take away each others playing time even worse case scenario lol. Probably answering own question but should i just go pierre then when manny comes back hopefully vlad gets it together and then get him? and just accept it that i'll have 2 moves left. Also is escobar worth the gamble to get he looked good last minor league start and only $5 i figure it's worth the gamble cause next week i may not get him thanks again for help you get 5 stars.


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