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  • Scott Scott Jan 15, 2010 5:51 PM Flag

    Answering Dynasty/Kepper Questions

    Roto NL only auction league 260$ cap 14 position players and 5 SP and 4 RP. Standard 5 offensive and 5 pitching categories. I get to keep 4...here are the group of players i'm thinking about and the cost it would be to keep them.

    Aramis Ramiez 28$
    Joey Votto 22$
    Justin Upton 15$
    Johnny Cueto 7$
    Troy Tulowitzski 19$
    Dan Haren 25$
    Andre Etheir 15$
    Michael Bourn 8$
    Brad Hawpe 14$

    I'm considering filling 4 of my 5 outfield spots by keeping Upton, Etheir, Bourn, and Hawpe but I really like Votto, Tulowitzski and Haren as options.

    With budget in mind who do I keep?

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    • To me Upton and Tulo are no-brainers. I am not the biggest Either fan in the world and to me he would not be worth keeping at $15. OF is simply the deepest position in the game which makes it a very easy place to find bargains in an auction league. I would keep Votto, good young player although I think $22 for him is a bit steep. I like Haren a lot (who doesn't) and I think that $25 for him is also a bit steep as starting pitching has gotten deeper over the past few seasons as steroids have started to leave the game. A lot of keeping decisions in an auction league can really be affected by who other teams are keeping. Will there be any big names left in your draft that would make saving some money worth while?


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