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    Answering Dynasty/Kepper Questions

    leave your dynasty/deep keeper league questions here and I will answer them...

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    • I always go with hitting first then SP and relievers last. Closers are a dime a dozen and change so frequently. The turnover rate at that position is just ridiculous and you don't want to waste a pick on a "big name" closer that falls apart that year (Gagne a few years back, Izzy the year after that, Lidge after Pujols tattooed that ball in the playoffs etc.)

    • Standard Roto 5x5 keeper. Finished 8th out of 12 last year. Need to pick 6 keepers. This is what my final roster looked like:

      Pujols, Cano, Crawford, Manny, Aramis, Pablo, Dunn, Beckham, Carlos Guillen, Scutaro.

      Carpenter, Aaron Cook, Danks, Hudson, Latos, Lester, Lowe, Parra, Smoltz, Soriano, CJ Wilson, Wuertz

      Really though I'd finish higher than 8th even with my lack of saves and suspension/injury issues. What do you think my foundation looks like heading into next season? Which 6?

    • hey bo... do you want to be in a league with bebops. alex C, general Lee, JD, myself and a few others? it will be a H2H that might turn into a keeper next year if we get active managers.. we will redraft of course...

    • B Phillips, Nelson Cruz, Adam Jones...keep one thnaks

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      • Brandon Phillips. He has the most talent out of the group and plays the shallower position and thus will hold more value. Adam Jones is a very good young player and the Orioles lineup is much stronger than it once was, however his value is over estimated because he had such an amazing start to the 09 season. He hit .359 in April/March and .333 in May and then fell off. AVG by month after May:
        June: .229
        July: .270
        August: .211

        What is very concerning is that in the two months he did well his BAbip was very high (.393 and .378 respectively). This tells me that this success at the start of the season may have had more to do with luck than skill.

    • 10 Team 5x5 H2H Keeper League - I need to choose 3 keepers from the following front runners:

      Hanley Ramirez
      Matt Kemp
      Mark Teixeira
      CC Sabathia
      Matt Holliday

      My gut says take HanRam, Kemp and Tex. I'm a little worried about getting rid of CC and leaving myself with no pitchers when pitching makes up half of the stat categories...

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      • I would stick with your instincts on this one. You obviously have to keep HanRam and I think Kemp is a no brainer as well as he produces across the board. I always like to take hitters over pitchers as they tend to be much more consistent from year to year and are much less of an injury risk, go with Tex.

    • Ive been offered the following trade in a 100M cap dynasty league:

      I give:

      3B David Wright (1yr/10M)

      I get:

      OF Jason Kubel (2yr/2.5M)
      SP Nick Blackburn (4yr/4M)
      3B Matt Dominguez (Marlins #4 Prospect...costs 0.3M until he's called up)
      C Wilson Ramos (Twins #2 Prospect...costs same as Dominguez)
      RP Kyle Bellamy (Twins #19 Prospect...same cost as previous prospects)

      How do you think I'm doing here? Is this a good enough haul for David Wright?

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      • I already answered this on the thread you made but I will give a more detailed answer here. DO NOT DO THAT TRADE. You don't want to trade a star like Wright for bums. Now I would not say don't trade him for a BUNCH of high rated prospects but not one of the players offered in that trade would be considered highly rated. If I was going to trade Wright for prospects I would want something like this in return:
        Jason Heyward, OF ATL AND
        Colby Rasmus, OF STL AND
        Pedro Alverez, 3B PIT

        Note that you want to get all 3 of these guys in exchange for Wright. Heyward is the consensus #1 player in the minors and I think there is little risk with him. Rasmus is already up and is the future Grady Sizemore of the NL. Alverez is a very young and talented 3B that could replace Wright for you some day. Keep in mind that you are giving up a perennial all star and top 10 player so don't feel bad asking for highly talented prospects who are not a sure thing. You have to have the possibility of a high reward if you are going to take the risk that a trade like this entails.

        Guys that could replace the ones I mentioned above. Instead of Rasmus you could target Dexter Fowler OF COL or Andrew McCutchen OF PIT. Instead of Alverez you can target Brett Wallace 3B OAK or Josh Bell, 3B BAL

        I don't think that Matt Dominguez is a horrible prospect (in fact I would say he is a top 5 overall prospect at 3B) however he alone is not enough to get Wright and the rest of the players in that trade are just crap.

    • ever u yahoo plus

    • Sorry for the delay, I don't check this much over the weekends. I would keep Morneau. He is more consistent in my book and holds more value over an OF.

      Draft strategies should always be the same, draft the MOST VALUABLE player (this does not mean the best). Always draft whatever player that is available that will hold the most value whether it is value to your team or value in a trade. As far as relievers go I usually NEVER draft them. They are very unpredictable and cheap on the free agent list. Every year there will be 4-5 closers that come out of nowhere and every year there are a few "stud" closers who fall off (Gagne, Izzy etc)

    • In a 17 team auctions and rotisserie keeper league....100 budget....that requieres you to have:
      2 catchers, 1 of each 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, CI, and MI, 4 OF, 2 UT(any position), 5 SP, 3 RP, 2 Swingmen (any pitcher)

      scoring categories are:

      BA, BB, R, RBI, SB, SLG, ERA, HD(Holds), K, S, W, WHIP

      Would you take on Zimmerman(11.0) for Garrett Jones(2.2) and Jonathan O. Sanchez(4.7)

      This league is pretty active and I expect a few top tier guys to be avaialble at the auction like A-Rod, Texeira Jason Bay, Becket, Webb etc...I currently have Tulo(9.0), Werth(4.2), Lincecum(6.1), Heath Bell(6.2) and J. Lopez(4.1) as my definate keepers and I was going to keep both Jones and Sanchez

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      • Are we talking Ryan Zimmerman I assume? If we are then DO NOT DO THAT TRADE. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO THAT TRADE. Garret Jones will not improve upon or repeat last year’s numbers. Take a look at his month by month breakdowns and you will see that he came up from the minors and was mashing the ball. Then as the season went on and more importantly pitchers got to see him a second time he started to decline in production. He played in the minors for 11 years, the fact that MLB teams who know a lot more about him then we do thought it was best to keep him down there for so long should tell you something.

        I saw one of your keepers was Heath Bell. DO NOT KEEP HIM

        First rule of fantasy baseball:


    • Roto NL only auction league 260$ cap 14 position players and 5 SP and 4 RP. Standard 5 offensive and 5 pitching categories. I get to keep 4...here are the group of players i'm thinking about and the cost it would be to keep them.

      Aramis Ramiez 28$
      Joey Votto 22$
      Justin Upton 15$
      Johnny Cueto 7$
      Troy Tulowitzski 19$
      Dan Haren 25$
      Andre Etheir 15$
      Michael Bourn 8$
      Brad Hawpe 14$

      I'm considering filling 4 of my 5 outfield spots by keeping Upton, Etheir, Bourn, and Hawpe but I really like Votto, Tulowitzski and Haren as options.

      With budget in mind who do I keep?

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      • To me Upton and Tulo are no-brainers. I am not the biggest Either fan in the world and to me he would not be worth keeping at $15. OF is simply the deepest position in the game which makes it a very easy place to find bargains in an auction league. I would keep Votto, good young player although I think $22 for him is a bit steep. I like Haren a lot (who doesn't) and I think that $25 for him is also a bit steep as starting pitching has gotten deeper over the past few seasons as steroids have started to leave the game. A lot of keeping decisions in an auction league can really be affected by who other teams are keeping. Will there be any big names left in your draft that would make saving some money worth while?

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