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  • D Goo D Goo May 13, 2009 2:11 PM Flag

    Big Trade: Accept?

    I get:

    Ryan Braun
    Carlos Lee
    Garret Atkins

    I give:

    David Wright
    Alex Rios
    Andre Eithier

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    • I would keep what you have. I think it is a fair package, and you would be gettign two stud OF BUT, IMO, wright will be too hard to replace (unless you ahve another 3B option already). I think your ourfield is ok with those two and you will have an easier time finding a hot OF on the WW than you will a 3B.

    • Accept It

    • I fyou'll be depending on Atkins as your only 3B, be careful. Atkins numbers have been consistently dropping in the past few years. Not weeks, not months, but years. There's very little confidence in him right now in both baseball and in fantasy. Yea, he could rebound, he's not old. But he could also continue to decline. There's also a fear that if he doesn't improve, they could get rid of him, thus taking away one of his bonus features (playing in Colorado). If you'll have other options, and Atkins is just a possible positive in the trade, but a guy you can bench for now, then it's a pretty good trade.

      Torre loves Ethier, but with Manny on the shelf, I get a little concerned about his production - you'll have to take the risk on that one.

      I would pull the trigger if you can balance out your team for benefit.

    • I would also do that.

    • Good question, goo. I would take that. Braun is a monster, Lee is great, and Atkins is serviceable. Ethier should find it harder without Manny, and Rios and Wright have both been under par so far.

      Any hey- just FYI... if you're like me and always hungry for fantasy input, you may want to start posting your trade questions on both Yahoo and http://rotomania.com. I don't know if you've ever been there before, but the cool thing about Rotomania is that every time you ask a fantasy question, your entire roster and league settings are automatically displayed so that people can give you more informed advice.

      Plus, you get notified via email whenever someone replies to your post. I hate having to wait around refreshing the page to see if anyone responds.

      Anyway- you should check it out. Here's a trade involving Wright and Braun that I just saw on there:


      Hope that helps!


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