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  • Patrick Patrick May 7, 2009 4:32 PM Flag

    Questions Anyone?

    I currently have the best offense in the league and name wise i have some of the best pitchers, but they've been hurting me lately.

    Manny is on my team and got suspended for 50 days as everyone should now since thats all anyone has talked about, but im figuring im pretty good to hold on to him. I got Grady, Torii and a surging Justin Upton to take over and i picked up Michael Bourn for some extra steals which is probably my weakness on offense if i have one. Some people have been selling him for Matt Holliday but idk if i want to do that when i can hold him.

    On my pitching im worried about Kazmir. I could move him for Franky Liraino but idk if I should? What do you think. Ive heard about Kaz being bothered by injuries and Dr. Andrews is never a name you want to hear.

    What do you think i should do? Should i send him off for Liriano?

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