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  • LukeE LukeE May 1, 2009 12:25 AM Flag


    Can't sleep, thought I'd start a debate on who the biggest up and commers are in the slugging department if anyone is interested.

    Here's a list of names I can think of:

    Travis Snider
    Jay Bruce
    Joey Votto
    Matt LaPorta
    Jason Heyward
    Matt Wieters

    Are there any others? Are any of you from these guys towns where you know much about them? I'm from KC, so ours was supposed to be Alex Gordon, but he's a bust. Who's the next "big slugger" (i.e, 40+ HRs a year?)

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    • Who knows? Nobody knows what's going on with McCann's eyes, kind of a weird thing!

      A-Rod has a whole crap-load of conspiracy surrounding him, so I can't imagine any human being just ignoring all that and tearing it up though.

      The only sure thing in that offer is Quentin-- he should put up A-Rod type #'s in runs, HR, and RBIs. just not avg and steals.

    • fowler is a 5 tool player but i think he will need 2 yrs b4 you see his power side

      Pedro Alvarez 3base for pittsburg is going to be a good one you will see him somtime this yr good power hits left handed

      Laporta is another monster up by mid season

      Madison Bumgarner SF SP lefty with a 96 mph fast ball in SF

      Tommy Hansen ALT 14 k cg in his first AA game and i know of 2 10+ k games since this spring

      Andrew Mccutchin pittsberg is another guy that is supposed to be a 5 tool type player

      yonder alonzo from the reds is another cuban power hitter votto is the only thing holding him in AAA since he plays 1st base

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      • Word out of Cleveland is LaPorta isn't getting called up to replace Hafner, but I've read reports that it may not be the case if Hafner is told by Dr. Andrews he needs to shut down long-term. Is LaPorta a must grab right now? Or are the Indians determined to leave him down in AAA for a while longer?

    • Just curious - what do you think of this deal that was proposed to me:

      A-Rod (will get him)
      Brian McCann & Carlos Quentin?

    • Oh, he was WAY up on my draft list. Yahoo had him O-ranked at 49 and I thought it was ridiculous. He's a former #1 overall pick in the MLB draft, and his #'s have increased every year for the past 3 years. I drafted him roughly #35-40 in all my leagues, and would've gone even higher if I thought I needed to.

    • You're right... I can completely see the majority of people arguing that Young belongs at the top of the lineup. I just have a different mentality than most people I think. If it weren't for the 6 HR's this month already, I would realy think he needed to be dropped in the order. Just cause I think a #2 hitter should have enough pop to put 20 HR's out of the park, and Young hasn't been able to do that since 2005. And his speed of 10-13 SB's a year doesn't excite me enough to have him there either. He is looking pretty good so far though.

    • have a good one. im struc with insomnia so who knows when ill crash for the night

    • I'd be pissed. What's so stupid about those things is they don't take into account that people could be 'vetoing' based on completely opposite opinions, which really PROVES how fair the trade really is. There should be a way to indicate on a trade veto which side you think is getting the unfair advantage. And only if 1 side of the trade gets the majority of votes will the trade get vetoed.

      For instance, in your trade situation, it's likely that 3 people may have voted it down because they thought the Hamilton side wins, and 4 people could have voted it down saying that Sizemore side wins. Well that makes the trade extremely fair and balanced, but Yahoo's system sees it as 7 of 12 people in the league deem this trade unfair, we need to prevent it from happening.

    • lol now this trade was also accepted by someone in the same league, do you think itll go through? or will it get shot down too?

      I give: Texeria, Granderson, Burnett
      I get: Fielder, Quentin, Cain

    • dexter fowler is interesting too. again, its tough to judge when theyre so young because theyre usualy streaky but.. looks solid so far

    • yup i agree 100 percent dude. def like milton bradley. hes young so he'll def get a lot stronger so 35 homers i dont think is a far strech. we'll see

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