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    Would you veto this?

    this is a trade i proposed and got accepted, but someone in the league posted and said it should be veto. They probably think im getting too much but i thought I at the very least it was within the bound of acceptable proven for potential talents and risk. Here's the trade---
    I give
    Bartlet (old rank 353 currently 36)
    Manny Ramirez
    Bedard currently 33 (26 inning 29k 2.08 era, .92 whip)
    Armando currently 67 (24innings 24k 1.85 ERA, 1.23 Whip)

    i get
    Carlos Lee

    I'm basically trading hot pitchers with high potential with an undeniable talent for 9k per 9 inning pitch. you can say their era and whip are due to hot start but they both had mid 3s era last year so their currently ERA is within their potential. I don't know much about bartlett other than his current stats but part of the game is about taking chance on who you think will break out or slump on any given year. Looking at their old rank yes the trade should be veto but do you guys agree it should be veto? I wouldnt mind canceling the trade if its too unfair, just wanna see what knowledgeable ppl think.

    Here's my team in a H2H public league

    C-inge 1b-Votto 2b-kinsler 3b-youki ss-bartlett of-Manny Ludwick, Nelson cruz, Adam Jones
    SP-lincecum, Greinke, Haren, Josh Johnson, Wandy, Bedard, Armdando, Meche, Volstad
    RP-Qualls, Sherill, Ziegler

    What do u guys think about the trade? I'm loaded at SP that's why i throw in 2 SP to get Yovani back b/c his team needs depth and i feel yovani is a better pitcher than the 2 i gave up, so basically pay 2 to upgrade 1. Also he's a Dodgers fan so i had to deal Manny even though i think the guy is gonna be a super stud as he has been in the past.

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