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  • earl earl Apr 24, 2009 3:31 AM Flag

    huge huge trade

    that's false advertising. this trade is mediocre in proportions at best.

    on to the subject at hand though. It all depends on who would be used at shortstop other than michael young. If the team trading away young has, i dunno, jj hardy or jeter or some mediocre replacement, or a prospect with a lot of upside to fill the gap, then yeah, do it, cause either got at least 20hrs in him with plenty of run/rbi opportunities and a high batting average. But if the guy giving him away has nobody else to replace him, bad trade.

    if the guy getting young currently is using khalil greene or somebody like that, then do it. You fill the ss with a pretty decent bat in young, and take a gamble on lind. If it doesn't work out, then find an outfielder in free agents, which is way easier than finding a shortstop. Likewise, if guy getting young already has jose reyes, or even hardy, tulo, or jeter, tejada, ect, don't do it.

    hope this makes sense, it's based off of position scarcity tactics.

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