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  • Drew Drew Apr 24, 2009 2:19 AM Flag

    RWinn/EBonifacio or MCameron/IStewart?

    I don't understand why everyone rates Winn so low - he's a 5-cat guy and a great 4th OF. Still, Bonifacio seems to be imploding... help?

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    • cameron and stewart are better fantasy contributors. Stweart has the most upside and if someone proposed winn and bonifacio just for Stewart i would do it. These are really borderline rosterable players so you go with msot upside. Camerson is a Lock for about 20-35 hr and 20 stls.

    • I agree however Bonifacio should still improve a bit over last year and can a major SB guy. He'll get the at bats long enough to that nose dive. Stewart is more of a wild card and has more upside. Cameron may replace some of what you get with Winn but its def a downgrade. The operative question here is how badly you need SBs. Bonifacio will probably hit 265 or so but those SBs are at a premium if you don't many other sources. Plus he's a good source for runs in that cavernous miami outfield with strange angles and hops. I like Bonifacio/Winn better as a group because you know what you are getting and the Stewart side is more risky but could pay off bigtime.

    • Bonifacio was overachieving the first week of the season. Since then he's been performing closer to his expectations.

    • winn is good as you're 4th OF...bonifacio took a nose dive after that first week.


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