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  • Blue Blue Apr 23, 2009 12:05 AM Flag

    Teixiera for KRod?

    I need an RP, my pitching is pretty weak.

    Is it a good move?

    My Team:
    Matt Wieters
    Mark Teixeira
    Chone Figgins
    Miguel Cabrera
    Miguel Tejada
    B.J. Upton
    Carlos Lee
    Curtis Granderson
    Rafael Furcal
    Matt Kemp
    Edwin Encarnación
    Carl Crawford
    Alex Gordon

    Ervin Santana (DL)
    Kyle Lohse
    Joba Chamberlain
    Kevin Gregg
    Justin Verlander
    Chris Young
    John Lackey(DL)

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    • never trade for RP, there is always someone available in the FAs man, go look

    • First, what type of league are you in? Second, if it's a 5x5 or great H2H league... no. Saves are overrated in fantasy... they amount to 10% (or less depend on categories) of your weekly output, yet people will harm multiple categories to win one (Saves). Don't fall into that trap.

      Second, closers have such little impact on your team's peripheral stats (they pitch about 1/3-1/4 the total # of innings a normal starter does). So you're really only drafting a closer for saves. Obviously, don't draft a closer who's going to kill your team w/ a 4-5 ERA... multiple loses... and a high WHIP... but there are many good options out there who will put up 30-odd saves... but are undervalued b/c of their low K rate or their team (Jenks, Morrow, Capps are all examples).

      But more importantly, your SP is pretty bad (at least while the two Halo's pitchers are DL'ed). I'd work on upgrading that first... b/c alot more categories are at stake there. If you can get good value for someone like big Tex, by all means trade him... but keep in mind that he's always a slow starter... and he'll have substantial protection once ARod comes back... so his value will likely only go up.

      You also need a C. Wieters is in the minors and will probably stay there until at least mid summer (if not later)... and Gordon is on the DL for 10+ weeks, so unless you have a 3rd DL slot, drop him.

    • This is my first time playing Baseball Fantasy and I don't really know much about Baseball.

      Who'd you suggest I offer?

    • no, if you are going to trade anything, trade an OF... you are deep there

    • thats retarded u could do so many other players y pick one of ur best?


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