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    screw jackie robinson

    the REAL first black baseball player was Moses Fleetwood Walker who played for Toledo of the American Association. and yes that was the "real" major leagues. the cards, pirates, dodgers, and reds came from the AA and they competed against the national league in the world series, like when the st louis browns (now the cards) beat the chicago white stockings (now the cubs, yes i said the cubs) in the world series in 1886. Walker played 46 games as a catcher. Jackie wasn't even the second black in mlb, that would be walker's brother. and yes, there was racism and problems with a black guy in the majors, hall of famer cap anson once refused to play with Walker on the field but later agreed. Walker was injured and missed the end of the season, then toledo went out of business. he played in the minors in syracuse but never again in the major leagues. after he was released but still living in syracuse he was attacked by a group of white men. he drew a knife and sliced one of them, killing the man. he escaped and was charged with murder when he was acquitted the court house rang with cheers and he was deemed a hero. THAT guy is a champ. no one mentions him or even knows who he is but everyone sucks jackie robinsons dick. no one knows the first black nfl player, bobby marshall in 1920, or the first black player in the nba, earl lloyd in 1950, but every fuckin body knows jackie robinson and thats bullshit. everybody just remembers him because he was good, not great, but good. white people wanna talk about him like we deserve praise for letting him play and we're sorry about all the slavery and racism but its ok guys because here is jackie robinson and that proves we like you. ten percent of mlb players are black! thats it. good job jack. jackie can eat shit for getting all the credit of every black athlete ever that had to deal with anything. hank aaron had it tougher, he was actually great and he broke the babe's HR record. fuck JR day!

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