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  • steve c steve c Apr 14, 2009 3:14 PM Flag

    Why was this VETOED??

    this was vetoed in a dynasty league idk y maybe im crazy.

    i get

    i trade

    yes or no

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    • HAHA now I suppose it is unfair for the team getting Crawford since he has stolen a ton of bases in the last few days.

    • This shouldn't be vetoed. It's nowhere near an awful trade.

    • How does this trade look now? All you idiots who thought Holliday was too much to give up for Crawford. Granted Inge is playing well, but Nady is hurt and Braden and Snell have been respectable pitchers. how do you see it now, all you swami commissioners who felt this was a veto-able trade.

      Holliday - .223 7r 2hr 15rbi 0sb
      Crawford - .306 16r 9hr 11rbi 18sb

    • So how does this trade look now that Nady is out for the year??? LOL

      That league is a circus.

    • It's a good trade for the guy who needs pitching and a good trade for the guy who needs OF help.

      Let's look at pre-season rankings:
      Crawford 29
      Holliday 38

      Nady 163
      Snell 276

      Inge 961
      Braden 750
      From pre season rankings, it's a pretty even trade.

      Current rankings:
      Inge 14
      Nady 650
      Holliday 694

      Crawford 141
      Braden 295
      Snell 1127
      For rankings right now....it's a pretty even trade. Will Holliday stay that low....unlikely, but it's about as unlikely as Inge staying that high.

      I don't see how anyone could veto this trade? To veto a trade it has to have collusion written on it or be 100% lopsided. What happens if Braden and Snell finish the year as top 25 pitchers and Holliday never puts it all together away from Coors Field? Then the commish will owe the guy a massive apology.

      *Dallas Braden is 25. The A's are masters at making unknowns into stars. Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Rich Harden, Dan Haren...the list goes on. This guy could be getting a 15 win pitcher with 170+ K's.

      Don't matter which side of the trade you like, there is no reason to veto this trade at all. Rankings wise it's even and talent wise it's pretty even.

    • Dude it is not your job to judge each trade on who you think is good and who sucks....if both people agree to the trade thats all that matters. you are not judge and jury....

      another stupid commish on a power trip

    • Trade are supposed to be fair? Really? Since when? I thought trades just involved two parties common to an agreement. Did the commissioner stop the Mets from trading Nolan Ryan? Or the Yanks from trading Russ Davis and Sterling Hitchcock for Tino Matinez and Jeff Nelson? I thought the trading of Roberto Kelly for Paul O'neill was a horrible trade, boy was I proven wrong!! Commissioners in the real world don't have much say over these things. It's a shame that in the fantasy world they feel they do.

    • Are you out of middle school yet? Seriously, if you're still "becoming a man" I understand this then.

      Bottom line is you are not very bright. You have no reason to veto a trade that is actually not nearly as lopsided as you think. But hey, I've seen the kids that got their tater tots stolen from them in the cafeteria.. the usually do go to on to become terrible fantasy commissioners.

    • Well said, some guys just don't get it and get power hungry with the Commish's Controls. LOL

    • Joe, I say it again. It's not up to you to decide who "SUCKS ASS" or not. That is up to the fantasy managers making the trade. Everyone has different opinions and strategies of how they run their teams. I'm a runs, sb and saves guy myself, others may be a power, rbi, power pitching guy. That's the beauty of the game. If someone's strategy is to fail, that's up to them to create their own demise. I don't think you're a bad guy, bad friend, or even a bad Commish. I understand you want balance and fair play in your league, but that only exists in a perfect world that will never be created no matter how much you try. I was in a keeper league last year, where the commish himself, was out of the playoffs and traded A-rod, Texiera, and Soriano for Hamilton (keeper). That's a trade that needed to get vetoed, but only the commish had the power to veto, and it went through. From that experience our league has now changed to league vote. Bottomline, just try and prevent cheating and collusion. I hope all works out with your league. Fantasy sports is not worth losing friends over.

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