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  • leedspinstripes leedspinstripes Apr 14, 2009 10:48 AM Flag

    Do i need to improve my SP?

    I'm in a standard 5x5 12 team rotisserie league. I have just traded Derek Lowe and need to replace him with a No.3 starter. I'm doing well in most catergories apart from wins, strikeouts and saves. Below is my pitching staff and players i dont mind trading to get a No.3 starter. please advise who i should try and get? thanks

    SP Dan Haren
    SP Roy Oswalt
    RP Joe Nathan
    RP Joel Hanrahan
    P ????
    P Ubaldo Jimenez
    P Oliver Perez
    BN David Price
    DL Trevor Hoffman

    players available to trade

    Ryan Ludwick, Johnny Damon, Adam Lind, Alex Gordon and James Loney

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    • Maria Gabriela Ramos Anzola Maria Gabriela Ramos Anzola Apr 14, 2009 11:16 AM Flag

      yes you do but not by much, look for a trade Ludwin /greinke

    • Your SP is actually pretty good. If you really want another Id package a Lind or Ludwick (although I'd not want to trade Ryan...he is going to have another excellent year) with a CI like Loney/Gordon for someone like Shields, Lester, Josh Johnson (if you can get him, his first 2 starts were OUTSTANDING).

      The other option is to take the third spot and stream pitchers through the empty spot on your roster. Take someone like Pelfry yesterday, play him. Drop him the day he pitches (does not take affect until next day) and grab another probable starter like Chris Volstad for today. Then drop him and take another, etc etc

      If you pick the right guys and matchups you can get quality wins. Even if one or two bomb it they will still get you lots of Ks. It can impact ur WHIP/ERA but sometimes can be VERY effective.

      Check and make sure you have unlimited moves and unlimited inings pitched. Otherwise, this strategy wont work.

      GL...can you help me with my "no-brainer" post?

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      • Thanks i have a pitching limit so wont be able to platoon pitchers. I have thought about picking up Jeremy Guthrie, Armando Galarrago or Andy Pettitte but i dont think i could mix all year so will want to trade at some point. I know price could help me later in the year but im not going to count on him. do you think i could get someone like greinke or king felix for lind and loney?


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