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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 11, 2009 9:51 AM Flag

    Should I trade Jose Reyes?

    It's a weird situation where I'm in a keeper league that welcomed in two new managers this year. 5 keepers per team, and we let the two new guys swap off the 1st ten picks so they'd catch up. The problem was: we dissolve one other team from a manager who drafted last year and then never played, so all of those players were FA again, and then the people I play with... there are at least ten guys the other managers kept who nobody should keep, which means ten very good to great players went back into the FA pool. So the two new teams are loaded, and it shows; they're about 20 points ahead of everyone else (Roto league, standard cats for the most part.) Let me give you an example... one guy kept Derek Lee and dropped Carlos Quentin. I'm not saying that's a first rounder... but c'mon. (I kept Braun, Peavy, Reyes, Soriano, and Berkman).

    So I'm thinking of using Reyes to not only get myself another HR/RBI guy, but I'm thinking I use him to trade with one of those two new managers, both Mets fans, to devalue their teams (hoping to get back more than Reyes is worth from the two fans.)

    And now that I think about it, Roberts and Aramis Ramirez probaly wouldn't accomplish that goal...


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