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  • Hawks Hawks Mar 29, 2009 4:01 PM Flag

    How's My Team?

    How did I do? This is my first year in fantasy baseball. I had the

    7th pick in a 12 team public league. H2H standard format. Any

    advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

    Not in draft order:

    C - Jorge Posada
    1B - Mark Teixeira
    2B - Brian Roberts
    3B - Aubrey Huff
    SS - Derek Jeter
    OF - Torii Hunter
    OF - Coco Crisp
    OF - Lastings Milledge
    UTIL - Mark DeRosa (2B,3B,OF)
    BN - Derek Lee (1B)
    BN - Ivan Rodriguez (c)
    BN - Ryan Theriot (SS)
    BN - Brett Gardner ((OF)

    SP - CC Sabathia
    SP - Roy Halladay
    RP - Joe Nathan
    RP - Brandon Morrow
    P - Cliff Lee
    P - Roy Oswalt
    P - Derek Lowe
    BN - Ted Lilly

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    • yeah your offense needs to be upgraded... like others have said try to trade for some offense and you could use a closer or two... look into jason motte chris ray or just keep an eye on the waiver wire for closers

    • yankee fan by any chance? me too, but it doesnt make me do dumb things like picking tex 7th overall, or taking CC with my second pick. I agree with basically everything thats been said before, ill add that you need closers bad.

    • You need some help on offense, in my opinion. Your pitching is good but I think your offense suffers because you emphasized picking "top" pitchers when in fact pitching is extremely deep. You might want to fish around your league and see if there's a player that you could get like a Matt Kemp. Someone like that would really improve your offense, specifically your outfield. Like the above poster said, you want to drop most of your bench offensive players and get a couple SPs and a RP. Honestly I would give up CC for Kemp easily since you have good pitching behind CC. You don't necessarily have to give up CC for someone like that, I'm just trying to make a point that you have to do what you have to do to improve your team.

    • I like your pitching but offensively your team is very weak..
      I do like the idea of trading cliff lee for offensive help tho

    • Sorry, but I don't think you did that well. Your first 4 picks I'm guessing were Tex, Roberts, CC and Roy (not in that order). Not so hot.

    • first i would drop 2 bench players and pick up pitchers.....also i would trade cliff lee for offensive help


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