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  • Jeremy Brown Jeremy Brown Mar 28, 2009 1:54 AM Flag

    hey Egghead

    i need an egghead to help me with this deicision...my lineup is mccann prince phillips davis reyes dunn victorino adam jones votto, my closers are valverde fuentes capps qualls motte...i was offered nelson cruz for motte, should i take it and start cruz over dunn? (i've tried to trade dunn to everyone, no one wants him...i missed the first 8 rounds of my draft, i would have never drafted dunn if i was picking the players myself) or are phillips and davis, along with dunn, enough of a drag on my AVG that i should just punt AVG altogether? i've done it before and won some leagues doing it, so i know how

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    • yup standard public....i mean its no big deal if i have to punt avg to win, i just didnt feel like punting categories this year after i punted avg last year and only won one league

    • Cruz is not a known quantity like Dunn is. The trouble is Dunn is known too well. In a standard 5x5 format, he'll help you strongly in 2 cats, hurt you in 2 others and has been declining in R, but could still be a plus. Cruz has hype and doubters. Best case, he gives you most of Dunn's HR and RBI, really beats him in BA nd SB and probably beats in him R, too. Worst case? Who knows how bad or how likely he is to flop. He could just be a late bloomer. If dumping Dunn would raise your spirits, do it or trade him for less than his value. Take the chance on Cruz. You're deep enough in closers. If he doesn't work out, scrounge another closer out of the FA pool. I couldn't stand Dunn's o-fers and Ks and dropped him. Someone picked him up and probably thanked me. You won't get equivalent value for him in a trade, but you couold get something useful. Maybe even a Cruz.

    • It wouldn't be a bad idea to take the trade, seeing as how you are pretty well set with closers. I'd start Dunn for the first little while and see how Cruz does for the first week or two of the season. If his power develops, feel free to start him over Dunn. If not, and he's just mainly a speed guy, I'd try and flip him in a trade for someone else.


    • anyone else can throw in some input if they want too