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    Ask your questions, I will help

    fire away

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    • Who the better 3B? Hank Blalock, Chase Headley, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Dallas McPherson, Clint Barmes, Brandon Inge I need someone who can get 20 or more hr, and if not close to 100 rbi.

    • Yeah because a guy that has one good season should automatically be a second round pick. Just ask Brady Anderson. Just ask Jeff Francouer. Just ask Jason Giambi. Not even considering a wrist injury.

      You know it all bud

    • That is the crappiest draft i have ever seen

    • ROUND 1
      1 Albert Pujols, StL Kinami Salami
      2 Hanley Ramirez, Fla Shockem .
      3 David Wright, NYM Hart Attack
      4 Ryan Braun, Mil LongBallers .
      5 Johan Santana, NYM Cubbies .
      6 Jose Reyes, NYM Ole Miss Baseball
      7 Alex Rodriguez, NYY DSU Reb
      8 Manny Ramirez, LAD Smitty's Sox
      9 Grady Sizemore, Cle Coach Bianco
      10 Josh Hamilton, Tex A-Rod in your Pujols
      ROUND 2
      11 CC Sabathia, NYY A-Rod in your Pujols
      12 Miguel Cabrera, Det Coach Bianco
      13 Lance Berkman, Hou Smitty's Sox
      14 Jimmy Rollins, Phi DSU Reb
      15 Tim Lincecum, SF Ole Miss Baseball
      16 Alfonso Soriano, ChC Cubbies .
      17 Mark Teixeira, NYY LongBallers .
      18 Matt Holliday, Oak Hart Attack
      19 Ryan Howard, Phi Shockem .
      20 Brandon Webb, Ari Kinami Salami

      ROUND 3
      21 Carlos Lee, Hou Kinami Salami
      22 Chase Utley, Phi Shockem .
      23 Ichiro Suzuki, Sea Hart Attack
      24 Dustin Pedroia, Bos LongBallers .
      25 Prince Fielder, Mil Cubbies .
      26 Justin Morneau, Min Ole Miss Baseball
      27 Nick Markakis, Bal DSU Reb
      28 Roy Halladay, Tor Smitty's Sox
      29 Ian Kinsler, Tex Coach Bianco
      30 Jonathan Papelbon, Bos A-Rod in your Pujols
      ROUND 4
      31 Cole Hamels, Phi A-Rod in your Pujols
      32 B.J. Upton, TB Coach Bianco
      33 Carl Crawford, TB Smitty's Sox
      34 Carlos Beltran, NYM DSU Reb
      35 Brian Roberts, Bal Ole Miss Baseball
      36 Jake Peavy, SD Cubbies .
      37 Kevin Youkilis, Bos LongBallers .
      38 Chris Davis, Tex Hart Attack
      39 Dan Haren, Ari Shockem .
      40 Evan Longoria, TB Kinami Salami

      ROUND 5
      41 Joe Nathan, Min Kinami Salami
      42 Jason Bay, Bos Shockem .
      43 Francisco Liriano, Min Hart Attack
      44 Roy Oswalt, Hou LongBallers .
      45 Aramis Ramirez, ChC Cubbies .
      46 David Ortiz, Bos Ole Miss Baseball
      47 Matt Kemp, LAD DSU Reb
      48 Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bos Smitty's Sox
      49 Adrian Gonzalez, SD Coach Bianco
      50 Curtis Granderson, Det A-Rod in your Pujols
      ROUND 6
      51 Alex Rios, Tor A-Rod in your Pujols
      52 Brian McCann, Atl Coach Bianco
      53 Chipper Jones, Atl Smitty's Sox
      54 John Lackey, LAA DSU Reb
      55 Vladimir Guerrero, LAA Ole Miss Baseball
      56 Brandon Phillips, Cin Cubbies .
      57 Derek Jeter, NYY LongBallers .
      58 Jacoby Ellsbury, Bos Hart Attack
      59 Josh Beckett, Bos Shockem .
      60 Nate McLouth, Pit Kinami Salami

      ROUND 7
      61 Magglio Ordonez, Det Kinami Salami
      62 Francisco Rodriguez, NYM Shockem .
      63 Derrek Lee, ChC Hart Attack
      64 Geovany Soto, ChC LongBallers .
      65 Mariano Rivera, NYY Cubbies .
      66 Bobby Abreu, LAA Ole Miss Baseball
      67 James Shields, TB DSU Reb
      68 Dan Uggla, Fla Smitty's Sox
      69 Troy Tulowitzki, Col Coach Bianco
      70 Joakim Soria, KC A-Rod in your Pujols
      ROUND 8
      71 Cliff Lee, Cle A-Rod in your Pujols
      72 Felix Hernandez, Sea Coach Bianco
      73 Brad Lidge, Phi Smitty's Sox
      74 Russell Martin, LAD DSU Reb
      75 Jermaine Dye, CWS Ole Miss Baseball
      76 Johnny Damon, NYY Cubbies .
      77 Yovani Gallardo, Mil LongBallers .
      78 Chad Billingsley, LAD Hart Attack
      79 Scott Kazmir, TB Shockem .
      80 Alexei Ramirez, CWS Kinami Salami

      ROUND 9
      81 Corey Hart, Mil Kinami Salami
      82 Carlos Quentin, CWS Shockem .
      83 Garrett Atkins, Col Hart Attack
      84 Kerry Wood, Cle LongBallers .
      85 Rafael Furcal, LAD Cubbies .
      86 Aubrey Huff, Bal Ole Miss Baseball
      87 Carlos Pena, TB DSU Reb
      88 Ryan Dempster, ChC Smitty's Sox
      89 Jay Bruce, Cin Coach Bianco
      90 Joe Mauer, Min A-Rod in your Pujols
      ROUND 10
      91 Adrian Beltre, Sea A-Rod in your Pujols
      92 Jon Lester, Bos Coach Bianco
      93 Shane Victorino, Phi Smitty's Sox
      94 Ervin Santana, LAA DSU Reb
      95 Joba Chamberlain, NYY Ole Miss Baseball
      96 Hunter Pence, Hou Cubbies .
      97 A.J. Burnett, NYY LongBallers .
      98 Zack Greinke, KC Hart Attack
      99 Andre Ethier, LAD Shockem .
      100 Stephen Drew, Ari Kinami Salami

    • I did not ask for your team, I want to see Quentin going in the 9th round like you mentioned

    • I'm not posting my whole league but here is my team. It's a keeper league.

      C - McCann
      1B - Miggy
      2B - Kinsler
      3B - Cantu
      SS - Tulo
      OF - Sizemore
      OF - BJ Upton
      OF - Jay Bruce
      Util - Gonzalez
      Util - Helton
      Util - Dukes
      Util - Taveras
      Bench - JD Drew
      Bench - Wieters
      Bench - Orlando Cabrera
      Bench - Kouzmanoff
      Bench - Alexi Casilla

      SP - King Felix
      SP - Lester
      SP - Nolasco
      SP - Harden
      SP - Scherzer
      SP - Cueto
      SP - Wandy Rodriguez
      SP - Kawakami
      SP - Tommy Hanson
      SP - Cahill
      SP/DL - Sheets
      SP - Bucholtz
      SP - Cook
      SP - Penny

      RP - Broxton
      RP - Wilson
      RP - Sherrill
      RP - Fransisco

    • Yes take it. I'm worried that Stewart won't get to play the whole season and I think Adam Jones could push 20 homeruns. Plus just head to head Utley is a better player than Quentin

    • 10 team h2h league 6x6 with AB and IP as extra cats

      i am looking to add steals and runs...the guy i am looking to trade with has already expressed interest in trading quentin...how does his ichiro/quentin for my haren/dye look?

      my team
      c aj(wieters when he comes up)
      1b howard
      2b kinsler
      3b huff
      ss alexei
      of bay
      of lee
      of dye
      util delgado
      bn nady
      bn lopez

      sp - haren, billingsley, burnett, nolasco, lowe, garza, floyd
      rp - fuentes, wood, percival

    • This is my team, what do you think

      c - navarro
      1b - pujols
      2b - ian stewart
      3b - alex gordon
      ss - stephen drew
      lf - quentin
      cf - alex rios
      rf - nick markakis
      util-jayson werth
      bn - felipe lopez
      bn - adam jones

      sp - dan haren
      sp - felix hernandez
      rp - broxton
      rp - bj ryan
      p - brett myers
      p - brandon morrow
      p - matt lindstrom
      bn - kazmir
      bn - jeff weaver
      bn - ubaldo jimenez

      I recently dropped travis snider and picked up adam jones, was that a good move
      also, trade quentin for utley?

    • Whose league

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