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  • Marc Q Marc Q Mar 25, 2009 10:26 AM Flag

    Hamels for A. Gonzalez

    I need pitching and he needs a 1B and he's also strong in SS so this is what I'm proposing.

    I get:
    Cole Hamels and Clint Barmes

    Adrian Gonzalez and Ubaldo Jimenez

    I'd have Carlos Delgado to fill in at 1B

    Let me know, thanks.

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    • I dont know why everyone is so quick to dismiss gonzo and hop on hamels. look at gonzalez's stats over the past 2 seasons. then compare them to pujols's. they are similar, with pujols having a way better avg.

      if i were him, id jump on this offer. hamels will NOT throw below a 3 ERA. he isnt a top 5 pitcher. jiminez will probably strike out more and finish with 15 wins. hamels may be a 17 game winner. you can definately get a better option than barmes for your SS.

      if you want a SS, go after khalil greene. playing with the cardinals will bring back his 25 homer days

    • I don't know about Hamels.. The guy pitched in the World series last year.. and Elbow pain is never something that sounds good.. For plain value, you get the better of it, but I'd wait and see if Hamels velocity doesn't start dropping before pulling the trigger..

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      • Thanks for the replies everyone, I kind of went a different route and dropped Heath Bell, my 3rd reliever for Paul Maholm and offered Corey Hart for Jon Lester.
        Which leaves my pitching staff with Webb, Harden, Volquez, Dempster, Lowe, Jimenez, Maholm, Broxton, Qualls and possibly Lester.
        Why do I have so many pitchers? Its a 46 minimum innings pitch league and my starting batting line up is very solid.

        I think that'll start me out pretty solid on match ups for the first 2 months or so and leaves me breathing room just in case harden goes down. AGAIN!

    • I would rather have Gonzalez and Jimenez. I'm not trading for an ace pitcher with elbow pain, and Barmes isn't worth much. If you need a MI like that then just pick up Ian Stewart - even on the same team.

    • These other guys are morons if they think this is a lopsided deal. It's about as fair a deal as they come. How is Hamels worth so much more than Gonzalez? He's not!

      I'd take Gonzo 11 times out of 10. 100 R 100 RBI 35 HR and a .290 avg in the hand is worth more than a Cy Young in the bush. Hamels is as injury prone as they come, betting on him to repeat is not a safe bet. Sure he has more upside than 99% of the pitchers out there, but there is considerable downside also. Ubaldo and Barmes are both just throw-in's, and also seem a fair swap.

    • That trade will work if the other guy is a moron. Otherwise it won't.

    • its i little unfair, but he might acept it, cole hamels iinjury scare is pretty much over though

    • I think he'd be crazy to accept that. He can get a better first baseman with Hamels than gonzalez


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