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  • H2O H2O Mar 24, 2009 2:24 PM Flag

    I have the 2nd overall pick

    I am in a 12 team, 300 dollars per team 5x5 roto league.
    The usual categories
    Avg, HR, RBI R SB.........W SV ERA K WHIP

    Hanley Ramirez is already been announced as the first pick. I have the second pick.......mind you the draft is in NY and there are a lot of met and yankee fans in the league, which isnt that strong skillwise. I tried to trade down, but the rules say I cant.

    I hate this pick, I HAVE to pick Pujols. Personally, I LOVE Miggy Cabrera here, but I cant draft him 2nd. If you were me, who would you choose? I think I am "stuck" with Pujols, there are worse things in life.........convince me either way!

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    • ".mind you the draft is in NY and there are a lot of met and yankee fans in the league, which isnt that strong skillwise"
      Wtf. Like, seriously WTF.

      Are you, like, a Sawks Fan? Cuz if you are, I live in New England and watch that crap called NESN - they talk about 3 teams on NESN (the Red Sox, Yankees, and whoever-is-playing-the-yankees). They dont admit that a National League even exists. Other regional sports "networks" really only cover the hometeam. Sports coverage in the New York area is FAR better than most areas of the country (ive spent a lot of time in LA, Boston, NY, PA, and MD). So wtf is that "not that strong skillwise" comment....

    • I prefer Reyes an I am not from NY or the east coast. Pujols will hit more HR almost double if he stays healthy. He should get more RBI and hit about 30-40pts higher BA. Reyes will get more runs and considerable more SB. I think you have a better chance getting a power hitting 1b than you will a offensive ss. The projections that I see show 5 1b out of top 8, and 8 out of top 18 in HR, 7 out of 15 in RBI. good luck

    • You gotta go with Pujos...if not for the position scarcity aspect of Han-Ram, Pujos would be the definitive #1 this year. I love Wright and Miggy, but you can't justify either of them in that position. As for Reyes, I think there's a huge lose in value despite the position advantage you'd gain. Go with Pujos...you'll sleep better at night.

    • Wanted Cabrera. Got 2nd pick and took Pujols. Hope Pujols hits .330, 48, 145.

    • i know you feel like your stuck with pujols but hes about to put 1 of the best seasons ever together. 357 avg 37 HR and 116 RBI with a bad elbow. this is the first year hes fully fit. draft him whats the worst thats going to happen 330 avg 30 HR 100 RBI. you can always try to trade for miggy with you second and third round pick. good luck but pujols wont let you down

    • my choice would be Wright i dont know just a gut feeling telling me to stay away from pujols

    • Your not "stuck" with Pujols, but he's the better choice. Reyes/Wright/Cabrera are all candidates to go in that position. It all depends on what your draft strategy is. You could always trade Pujols if you really wanted to...

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      • I would be a little hesitant to take either Reyes or Wright.........who knows what will happen in their new ballpark. Also, all this talk of Reyes hitting 3rd makes him lose a little value in my eyes.
        Pujols is the safe pick
        Miggy is the ballsy pick
        I wish I could draft 6 or 7 and pick up Miggy and then steal someone awesome in the middle of round 2

    • If you feel that you would be stuck with Pujols why not draft Wright instead?

    • why is there a rule you cant pick cabrera second?


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