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  • papa g papa g Mar 24, 2009 11:16 AM Flag

    Will Offer Help......

    The best I can with what you ask.......answered 94 of them last nite.

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    • How can I improve this team? 10 team H2H Keeper League...

      Miguel Cabrera 1B,3B
      Josh Hamilton OF
      Evan Longoria 3B
      Carlos Quentin OF
      Manny Ramírez OF
      Brian Roberts 2B
      Alexei Ramírez 2B,SS,OF
      Ryan Doumit C
      Brad Hawpe OF
      Jorge Posada C
      Cameron Maybin OF
      Willy Taveras OF
      Jed Lowrie 3B,SS
      Casey Blake 1B,3B

      Ervin Santana SP
      James Shields SP
      Yovani Gallardo SP
      Javier Vázquez SP
      Matt Garza SP
      John Danks SP
      Johnny Cueto SP

      Chad Qualls RP
      Joel Hanrahan RP

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      • Keep an eye on Posada to make sure he stays healthy and produces. If Brian Roberts gets hurt you will lag behind in stolen bases but have lots of power. Another closer wouldnt hurt as the season starts but can go with what you have for closers now. Santana is hurt and will miss first few starts so watch him because if he aint completely healthy like couple years ago he can hurt you if you leave him in there too long. good luck

    • chipper and adam laroche for arod fair? as i see it i take a risk that arod will be arod when he returns but my other thought tells me chipper will probaly miss just as many games.

    • fair trade?

      J.J. Hardy SS
      M. Holliday OF
      B.Webb SP
      J. Lester SP


      H. Ramirez SS
      H. Pence OF
      J. Santana SP
      C. Lee SP

    • This is a 10 team H2H league with 2 starting catchers and a lot of position players. Ive never played in a league like this please help me out and let me know how i did and who i should maybe try to trade for something i might be missing. i dont even know what my strenghts and weaknesses are.

      C Brian Mcann
      C Victor Martinez
      1B Mark Texiera
      2B Chase Utley
      3B Aramis Ramirez
      SS Rafael Furcal
      CI Joey Votto
      MI Rickie Weeks
      OF Carl Crawford
      OF Raul Ibanez
      OF Elijah Dukes
      OF Justin Upton
      Util Travis Hafner
      Util JD Drew
      BN Gary Sheffield
      BN Jeremy Hermida

      * Felipe Lopez is available on the FA wire. should i pick him up? if so for who?

      SP Felix Hernandez
      SP Cliff Lee
      SP Justin Verlander
      SP Scott Kazmir
      RP Brian Fuentes
      RP Mike Gonzales
      P Matt Lidstrom
      P Joel Hanrahan
      P Jason Motte
      BN Chris Ray
      BN Erik Bedard
      BN Manny Parra
      BN Jonathan Sanchez
      BN Armando Gallarago
      DL Tim Hudson

      Thank You all input will be greatly appreciated

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      • Keep an eye on him as well as he did nothing last year so watch him to see what playing time he gets in April. You will probably be activating Ray when he eventually beats out Sherill who is horrible in spring training despite what the manager sez of him being the closer. Baltimore will eat his salary as a middle reliever or possible setup man.

      • You have a nice team with good balance with power and speed. You dont need Sheff and I think he is done being a fulltie DH he doesnt stay healthy anymore at his age. If Felipe Lopez can do what he did last 3 months of last year when he got healthy you might be happy you did. Ariz is gonna give him that chance in April. If he falters he will bath 7th or 8th. He has BA/Runs/SB potential so he would be a nice addition to your team if Utley or Furcal goes down again. Rickie Weeks will bat his usual .235 so he may end up on your bench if you have Lopez .Good luck my friend.

    • LMAO at these threads

    • Jermaine Dye or Johnny Cueto and Alex Gordon

    • Am I nuts? 15 minutes ago Guy is offering
      A-Rod and Thome


      Chipper and Pelfrey

      I like my pitching exactly how it is and feel Pelfrey will win 15 this year. I need power and have Aramis and Wright for 3rd (one extra UTIL in my league which Chipper would fill).

      What do u think?

    • Please read all the league settings before joining this league. I am looking for seasoned all year active managers only. NO QUITTERS! I at least expect you to put in your SP's on the day that they start.(not too much to ask). 8 teams needed.

      League ID#: 254075

      League Name: Go ill Fantasy Baseball

      Password: whitesux

      Season Type: Full

      Draft Type: Live Draft

      Draft Time: Thu Mar 26 10:00am CDT

      Max Teams: 12

      Scoring Type: Head-to-Head

      Player Universe: All baseball

      New Players Become Available: As soon as Yahoo! adds them

      Max Moves: No maximum

      Max Trades: No maximum

      Trade Reject Time: 2

      Trade End Date: August 30, 2009

      Waiver Time: 2 days

      Can't Cut List Provider: None

      Trade Review: Commissioner

      Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules

      Max Acquisitions per Week: 5 <--------------------------------

      Min Innings Pitched: 7

      Weekly Deadline: Daily - Tomorrow

      Start Scoring on: Week 1

      Playoffs: Week 23, 24 and 25 (6 teams)

      Roster Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util,
      SP, SP, SP, RP, P, P, P,
      BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL

      Stat Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP,
      W, SV, K, TB, ERA, WHIP

      Custom League URL:

    • Which 2 SP's should I keep Chien-Ming Wang, Jair Jurrjens, and/or Chris Volstad? I'm dropping one of them, to pick up Joel Hanrahan as a bench closer, just in case of injury to one of my starting closers.(Broxton,Wood,Jenks,and Frank Francisco). Is this a good idea?

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      • forget Hanrahan you have 4 beautiful closers which should be MORE than adequate for saves/whip/era solidarity. Wang pitches for the Yankees and can get you wins if he gets his act together in the $200 lineup. Concentrate on another SP if one of the three goes down. Dont know who your other SPs are but I assume from looking at your closers you are a pitcher minded manager. (which is good) Jurrejens had some quality starts in the middle of last season then he tapered off and Volstad who knows I would keep both of them around to see how they pan out in April/ Jurrjens has decent era/whip possiblities if he keeps his act together and could get wins if he can be more consistent and Volstad I am not too sure about just yet. good luck

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