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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 24, 2009 2:06 AM Flag

    $50 h2h baseball money league need managers

    league settings are default
    6 max acquisitions per week
    live draft
    draft is on Saturday at 12PM PDT,
    since draft is right away if you wish to join i need payment arrangements sooner than later, paypal or personal check

    Hi i am running $52 dollar baseball league, My name is Lawrence and this will be my first year commissioning a baseball league but ive been running basketball leagues for 3 years now and most of the people who will be in this league are former competitors of mine. As far as the league goes im planning to have 14 teams in here with a $50 dollar entry fee which comes out to a $700 dollar prize pool, Im charging a additional $2 to cover paypal fees i infer while accepting your payments( If you are paying via debit i incur a $1.75 fee followed by a 2% fee on the purchase), if you are sending a check contact me and you only have to pay $50. I will be putting out a few different payout scales for the league to vote on. As far as the league goes the setting are pretty much default but im open to any and all suggestions. The league draft was also pushed to April 4th in advance to account for how long it may take to fill this league,but the date and time can be maneuvered around to fit everyone's needs. As far as the trade review goes i have it listed as Commissioner approval, I have done this because in the past you have too many mangers that are veto happy, they will veto a trade simply because they Dont like the team getting the deal or they want the player that is being traded so they'll veto it. This is how ive done it in the past and ive received no complaints my veto policy. If you feel a trade is un-even and you feel it needs to be vetoed please post a message on the message board stating why you feel the trade should be vetoed. wit h14 teams in this league the 2 mangers dont count so that gives 12 teams remaining, Ill usually give my opinion on a trade but i wont usually vote a veto a deal because people say it gives me too much authority. so that gives 11 teams , if 6 veto it , I will then cancel the trade. some may say 6 out of 11 is hard to do so nothing will get vetoed. well if someone trades Sorianno for sweeney well im sure 6 people will get on to veto the trade, in any other instance if only 2 or 3 are casted its most likely that its a pretty even deal and people are just opinionated, any comments on this policy or changes id be glad to hear

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