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  • As you can tell by my image my vote goes for Jose. Let the debate begin.

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    • get even smarter and take Pujols.


    • Both are Top 3 Picks..... Thats where you are wrong..... Reyes maybe a Top 10 Pick but not close to a Top 3 pick in any league and or format.... Han Ram is a Top 3 Pick in any league, any format..... This is no longer a debate but a forum for you to try to convince people that Reyes is better than Han Ram and you are on the losing end of the battle.... We'll bring in K-Rod to clean up your 3 walks, 0 outs and bases loaded outing, Try again another day..... Your done......

    • Thanks for the debate btw guys. I know it one a one sided affair but it's aways good to debate it.

    • Exactly.. You don't win your draft in the first 4 rounds, but you can sure lose it. and Reyes isnt going to lose it if you prefer him over Hanley.. Leagues (competitive ones) are Won in the middle to late Rounds and on the FA market.

    • Too easy! It's Hanley!

      I would think that his Runs, RBIs, & HR totals would increase bigtime in the 3rd slot! More than enough to offset any losses in the SB department! So what if his SB total drops, it's the HR power that wins in the long run, not SBs!

      Still, it's nice to have both!

      Good luck!

    • very true

    • I'm not responding because it's going to be an never ending argument. My assumption this year is that Hanley will not produce like prior years. I don't doubt that he will have more hrs and rbis than Jose since he will be moving down to the third spot. What I disagree on is that he will produce 120 plus runs and 30 plus sbs. I don't think he will produce 120 plus runs because Florida does not have great hitters. Hanley is their best hitter. I do value Jose higher than Hanley because I don't doubt that Jose will get 120-130 runs and steal 60-75 sbs. He has shown that he can hit 20 hrs and that's a bigger possibility than Hanley getting over 120 runs. If you feel that Florida has the batters who are capable of driving in Hanley then by all means believe he will get 120 plus runs again. If Maybin leads off though I think he will be the beneficiary of a sleeper pick as he can get 100 runs and 20-25 sbs. My cap for Hanley in runs in 100-110. I'll end the debate. Both are top 3 picks and you won't win a league on just your first round pick.

    • i wouldn't do it but if someone took reyes with the # 1 I don't think that they are an idiot..... I see a lot worse arguments on the board than that..... depending on what you want to do with your team then you could justify pujols if you want to start with power and avg, wright if you want to have a 5 tooler at a corner with more power upside and rbi (exempting a-rod), hanley if you want a 5 tooler at short that skews towards power, and reyes if you want a 5 tooler that skews towards speed......
      like I said I would take hanley hands down but don't think any of the others make you an idiot

    • I guess there must have been a lot of idiots last year who thought erik bedard would be the number 3 pitcher. If you are going to pick one at least back it up with stats.

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      • If you think Reyes is better then good luck to you. And last year at draft time Bedard was a top 5 SP. He was injured. Is that too difficult for you to understand?

      • alright.. first off i didnt think bedard would do well in seattle; new contract, weak defense, and only 1 very good year under his built.. too much risk to be taken where he went last year.. imo

        even if hanley starts the year hitting 3rd, and even if he hits 3rd all year I still think he will steal bases... FLA will still need to manufacture runs, and I think Hanley still steals 35 bases at the minimum.. and he will have more RBI's batting 3rd then Jose.. so I think the runs/rbis cancel out.. he is a better bet for batting average.. and I think the potential for 15-20 more homers, and a higher BA is worth more then jose's 20-25 more steals (which im not so inclined to give him).. also, Jose has more of a history of injuries..

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