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  • chase phucking utley chase phucking utley Mar 14, 2009 3:59 PM Flag

    how did i draft?

    it's a 12 h2h 5x5 league that uses LF CF RF instead of OF.
    i had the 12th pick.

    C- Doumit (13th round- i love this pick)
    1b- Teixeira (1st)
    2b- Kinsler (2nd)
    ss- Tulowitzki (8th- i feel a little unsure)
    3b- encarnacion (17th)
    LF- Crawford (3rd)
    CF- Bruce (7- a little unsure here too)
    RF- Hart (5th)
    Util- votto (10th- i think a steal)

    SP- Sabathia (4th- didn't expect him to fall here)
    SP- Cain (9th)
    RP- Nathan (6th)
    RP Lindstrom (15th)
    P- Chris Young (12th)
    P- Wainwright (11th)
    P Slowey (14th)
    BN- Jurrjens (16th)
    BN- Carpenter (18th- figured why not)
    BN- Buehrle (19th)
    BN- Hughes (20th)
    BN- putz (21st)

    I feel like if everyone pans out offensively (which probably won't happen) i could be set, but i feel like i might need more offensive stability.So what do u think? How did i do? Also, what can i do to improve my team?

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