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  • Richard Richard Mar 11, 2009 12:33 PM Flag

    Should I trade?

    Getting Kinsler and Jenks for Reyes and Kazmir
    I have Jimmy Rollins as well at SS

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    • I think you should take Kazmir out of the trade. People are down on him because of his injury last year but the truth is the kid is a ace caliber pitcher who is only 25 years old. If you trade him you are selling low, you should always be buying low, selling high.

      The Kinsler for Reyes part is close. Obviously you are giving up the better player in Reyes so put a 4th tier player in on your side and ask for a low 2nd tier high 3rd tier player from his side.

      Also, why not trade Rollins instead of Reyes. I am usually against trading top tier players and that is exactly what you are doing. Why not just try Rollins straight up for Kinsler or Utley or Pedroia?

    • Good point made on Saves i failed to really take that into consideration. Look for a starter in return not a closer

    • assuming your current 2B is not top 5 material I say why not.
      Rollins is a top tier SS and you are getting a top tier 2b in return for Reyes.

    • In a vacuum you lose big on that trade. If you feel that the positions warrent the trade then go for it but I think you should be able to do much better when trading a package like Reyes and Kazmir. Kinsler is obviously a good pick up but Jenks does not belong in that deal. Never pay for Saves


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