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  • Ejj Ejj Mar 6, 2009 12:04 PM Flag

    Weak Team. Please help!

    I feel like my team is weak, especially my OF. I don't know if it really is. I am still a rookie. Can everyone give me some advice to what I can do to improve the overall quality? Here is my line-up:

    C - Ryan Doumit
    1B - Justin Morneau
    2B - Chase Utley
    3B - Amaris Ramirez
    SS - Jose Reyes
    OF - Ryan Ludwick , Lastings Milledge , Jason Werth
    Util - Chris Davis (1B, 3B)

    SP - Cole Hamels , A.J. Burnett , Ricky Nalasco , Derek Lowe
    RP - Brad Lidge , Brian Fuentes , Kevin Gregg

    BN - Denard Span (OF) , Richie Weeks (2B) , Jed Lowrie (3B,SS) , J.D. Drew (OF) , Erik Bedard (SP)

    Thanks for any input!

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    • trade AJ Burnett for a Andre Ethier or better and trade Chris Davis for another starter like Billingsley. You'll be more solid all around and you wont have to worry about burnett's injury concerns or Davis' growing pains/batting average.

    • Weak OF? I would take my chances of two 20 - 20 guys along with someone that had more HR's, RBI's, and Runs than Pujols in the same lineup. The rest of your team is solid. Don't worry about addressing any needs until you actually see what your players are doing.

    • Your team is pretty balanced. Your OF is decent, but our 1b, 2b, 3b and SS is solid. Your pitching is pretty well together especially in a 12 man league.

    • This team is good. Sure your OF ain't spectacular but go with it at this point. Plenty of OFs come along throughout the season if you need to make some moves later. Most teams have a weak spot, at least if they are in a good league. Don't trade away any of those good players just to fix one position, it will just put other holes in your lineup.

    • I think you're relying on too many iffy guys. Maybe take a chance on a guy like Headley. At least keep an eye on the waiver wire for ways to improve your OF.

    • Your team's not weak. In fact it's pretty strong. Bedard is going to have a huge bounce-back year and Davis could be a gold mine for you. Do what several people have already suggested - stand pat for the first for to six weeks of the season then identify your weaknesses and see who you can get off the waiver wire. One obvious potential drop is Rickie Weeks, who is surely the most overrated played in the game. If you picked someone at random off the FA list, he'd probably be better than Weeks. Keep a close watch on closer changes for teams that don't have a stud closer at the moment, and see if you can pick one up.

    • Not a bad squad (IF is solid).. I would roll with what you have and add from the waiver pool a few weeks in if needed..

    • I like the look of your IF. Chris Davis do not trade he will have a big year as well as Lastings Milledge. As for the rest of your team. I would try and dangle Burnett as trade bait along with another outfielder to try and get a stonger OF and a pitcher that has potential to do more. Burnett will not stay healthy all season yet he will be overvalued

    • it looks like a 12 team league.

      Your offense looks good, the outfield isn't that bad, but J.D. Drew is an injury risk. (I am a huge red sox fan and like him but he is an injury risk.) Keep an eye on a few rookies, or if coco is out there I think he's due for a big year, cameron maybin, justin upton, travis snider, do some research on the younger guys, a lot of things you see from rookies is their benches are very weak and known names of guys who had a few decent years here or there but have injuries, maninly drew and Bedard.

      Your staff looks strong though, Cole Hamels will be good, if healthy Burnett will be solid as well, Ricky Nalasco seems like part of the next wave of good young players for the Marlins, Lowe is going to be solid and consistent for you, also have a good bullpen, pretty good for a rookie player if it's a 12 team league, 10 team it's decent but you'd prob finish toward the bottom, but thats a competitive team for 12 team, don't get fooled on trade offers from people trying to take advantage of you being a rookie, ask people here, do some research.

    • i dont personally believe that your OF is that bad..........i really think Werth is a solid player and should reach 20/20 and if he has and excellent year possibly 30/30............Milledge is a guy who can break out and really help your team............im not very high on Ludwick at all and think last year was a fluke but if its not that OF could certainly be better but could also be alot worse

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