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    Read this in regards to trades.

    trades are based on needs and i agree you have to spend based on needs. but the truth for most owners who are not involved in the trade is they don't look at what each team needs and go basically on o-rank or draft position and if they don't like it they veto it quickly. if the team needs a pitcher then lackey is a decent/solid 1 or 2 pitcher. upton has potential written all over again this year. he was a high draft pick last year but if you were not in roto then you were extremely disappointed in his number and therefore his value shot way down through the season that you could not get much value. likewise someone like hamilton/linecum would not have garnered any value in the beginning of the season so if someone traded hamilton for soriano in the beginning then people would have shouted robbery/collusion and every thing else they could say. ask the same people in the middle of the season and they would have kept their mouth shut. same goes with someone who would have traded tiny tim for c.c. people would have said you are robbing the c.c. owner but tell me one person that wasnt trying to desperately get rid of c.c. with the way he was playing in cleveland. people gotta look outside the adp/o-ranks and look at what you think the person will do

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