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  • Paul Paul Feb 25, 2009 9:45 AM Flag

    Dynasty trade, advice needed

    i would get Howard and Beltran
    i give Morneau, Crawford and Gamel

    i would get slightly older but i am in need of power, I dont want to trade gamel because my 3b spot is weak and i think by midseason he could be very good and great in the future.

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    • Yes, good deal. Howard is at least equal to Morneau, and probably a bit of an upgrade. Beltran is much better than Crawford, unless you're really desperate for an extra 20 steals. Don't let the trade hinge on a guy who might produce something part way through the season.

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    • i would rather have Morneau, Crawford, Gamel

    • why exactly would you not do it?
      gamel is horrible defensively but would be there this year and at least qualify for 3b next year too.

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      • First, Gamel may not have 3B elibibilty next year. They have to play him this year to get it and I do not think they will. Either way it would be close. With that said I would not trade him. The kid has a bat equal to Braun's. Where ever he plays in the field his bat will warrent him being on your fantasy roster.

        As for the rest of the trade I am against it for several reasons. First, Howard and Beltran are going to hurt, if not destroy, your team BA. Howard's .251 average last year with Beltrans .280 average is going to hurt you over their combined 1100 at bats for a year.

        Second, you already mentioned the age issue and it is nothing to disregard in a dynasty league. Beltran turns 32 in about a month (33 is the typical downturn age) and Howard will turn 30 this year. Meanwhile the guys you are giving up are either years away from their prime or just entering it.

        Third, your concern for power is very short sided. Howard will hit more home runs than Morneau (although Morneau will do just about everything better) and Beltran will hit more than Crawford this year. However, once Gamel comes up he could be the biggest power hitter of all of them. Scouts claim he has 50 homerun potenial. I know that scouts often say things that do nopt come true but they rarely make the claim that a young guy like Gamel will hit 50HR in the MLB, and when they do make that claim the guy usually ends up being a MLB stud.

        Overall, you will be losing AVG and SB by a lot this season. When Gamel comes up you would be losing every single stat except MAYBE homeruns

    • I would never do that in a dynasty league.

      On a side note do not expect Gamel to fill your 3B spot. He may play there a bit when he comes up but he has the OF in his future. Gamel is a worse 3B then Braun was. Gamel averaged an error every 3 games over his minor league career(123 errors in 346 games at 3B). Last year in AA he had 30 errors in just 126 games at 3B.


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