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  • bo4726 bo4726 Feb 18, 2009 11:04 AM Flag

    How Good am I?

    Yes, I am a fan of kelly Johnson. He is not a top teir guy but he will not hurt you in any categories. He is entering his third year of full time MLB service which is typically the year that guys start to take things to the next level. I would expect good things from him this year, especially considering that teh Braves made a lot of improvements.

    If I had my choice between Johnson and Jeter I would take Johnson (ignoring position).

    Do you have any other 2B?

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    • I have Alexi Ramirez who can play 2b, ss, and CF... and Kelly johnson who is just a 2b

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      • Elvus is taken in my league ...Ok A couple more questions if you don't mind .....

        what do you think I can get for a package deal of... Troy Glaus, Meguel Tejada, and Xavier Nady....wouldnt mind picking up a OF off of waivers or something and I don't really need a ss because I can put Rameriz at short and kelly johnson (if hes good) at second...

        Also some available Outfielders are J.D. Drew... José Guillén....David Dejesus...Randy Winn


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