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  • Tom Tom Feb 18, 2009 10:15 AM Flag

    How Good am I?

    From first looks I think I drafted a very good team. My pitching staff is very strong and I have hitters for power and average with some speed demons mixed in as well.

    A couple question marks that I need your help with is Tejada..Will he be playing?...Also My back up 3rd baseman Troy Glaus will he be healthy by the start of the season or should I let him go?


    C:Víctor Martínez,
    1B: Justin Morneau,
    2B:Alexei Ramírez,
    3B: Álex Rodríguez,
    SS: Miguel Tejada,
    LF: Johnny Damon,
    CF: Ichiro Suzuki,
    RF: Xavier Nady,
    Util : Torii Hunter, :
    Util Kelly Johnson,
    C: Chris Iannetta, OF: Juan Pierre, 3b: Troy Glaus, 1B: Jason Giambi,

    Jake Peavy, John Lackey, Aaron Harang, Mariano Rivera, Francisco Cordero, Kevin Slowey, Andy Pettitte, Aaron Cook, Oliver Pérez

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    • Also about my draft I missed Derek Jeter by one pick so I picked up Tejada...And I got booted and the computer picked Kelly Johnson so I don't know much about him is he any good?

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      • Yes, I am a fan of kelly Johnson. He is not a top teir guy but he will not hurt you in any categories. He is entering his third year of full time MLB service which is typically the year that guys start to take things to the next level. I would expect good things from him this year, especially considering that teh Braves made a lot of improvements.

        If I had my choice between Johnson and Jeter I would take Johnson (ignoring position).

        Do you have any other 2B?

    • Thanks Andy that is more than I could have expected from anyone and that will really help me out...Sorry but its private and public can not view it kinda sucks but oh well... Also this trade has been offered to me tell me if it looks as retarded as I think it does

      I get Cristian Guzmán and Chien Mang Wang for my Jake Peavy

      Thanks again for the help

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      • Yes, it looks as retarded as you think it does. I like Wang, he is a solid source of Ws with a reliable ERA and WHIP (although low Ks) but Peavy is a top teir ace. Also, Peavy will be changing teams sooner or later and probably to a contender. When that happens he will be top 3 SP if not #1. With his Ks ERA and WHIP all he needs is a good team around him to help with the wins

    • Its a 12 team league...

    • if thats 10 teams, then that isnt good

    • Typically when I see threads with titles like "How good am I?" I end up ripping the guy apart for having a bad team. However, you did a solid job of drafting.

      Glaus will not be back by the start of the season. He will miss at least the first 5-6 weeks of 09. If the Cardinals bring up Brett Wallace to replace him and he plays well at the MLB level the Cardinals will probably trade Glaus around the All-star break. I am a Cards fan and a Glaus fan but I would not want him on my fantasy team this year.

      I would dump Tejada. Look to see if Elvus Andrus is available in your league. If he is scoop him up now. The kid can flat out play and he will be hitting in a great line up in the best hitters park in the game.

      You could use some more power in your outfield, but considering how good your infield is you may get by. I would upgrade Nady as soon as possible. He is not a quality starting OF unless there are at least 16 teams in the league.

      Is your league private or public? If it is private can the public view it? If yes post a link to the page so I can take a better look.

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      • Elvus is taken in my league ...Ok A couple more questions if you don't mind .....

        what do you think I can get for a package deal of... Troy Glaus, Meguel Tejada, and Xavier Nady....wouldnt mind picking up a OF off of waivers or something and I don't really need a ss because I can put Rameriz at short and kelly johnson (if hes good) at second...

        Also some available Outfielders are J.D. Drew... José Guillén....David Dejesus...Randy Winn

    • Tejada will be playing, but I'd look for an upgrade. He's on a steady decline. Glaus is supposed to miss the first month of the season at least.

      And hey- I don't know if you've ever heard of http://Rotomania.com before, but we now allow members to add their fantasy baseball teams to their Profile pages.

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      Hope you like what you see. And best of luck to you this baseball season!


    • how many teams


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