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  • danielhtx danielhtx Feb 16, 2009 12:34 PM Flag

    1st year keeper league question

    I have a league that I am renewing from last year with a majority of the same managers. I'm still a little confused how the keeper thing works at the beginning of the season.

    Say I drafted Tim Lincecum in the 9th round last year, and plug him in as my keeper prior to the draft in the 9th round this year, does that mean I would not have a 9th round pick during the live draft this year?

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    • anyone else have any insight? Yahoo should clarify this more.

    • 1) Your rosters will be blank to start.

      2) Say your roster size is 25, and you have 15 keepers (so you will draft 10 rounds).

      3) As a commish, go to the Commish tools, enter draft details/results, and for the first 15 rounds, fill in the keepers, in any order, for each team.

      4) Rounds 16-25 will be blank, and if you set a live draft, the live draft will start from Round 16, assuming all the keepers have been inputted by you.

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      • I know what your talking about for the commish tools. But say it's going to be 3 keepers per team, and for instance I put Lincecum in as a 9th round pick, Matt Kemp as a 12th rd pick and Teixeira as a 3rd pick for my team. With what you're saying is that they will move up to my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks for this year and not stay in their positions from last year? That would destroy the value.

        I would hope they would stay in their respective rounds from last year and that the pick for that round would be skipped during the live draft.


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