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  • Mike H Mike H Feb 14, 2009 11:56 AM Flag

    Someone feel like laying it down for me

    Following up on the guys talking about stats.

    I mistakenly joined a hcokey league with crazy stats like that. I guess it was tailored to the guy who started the league so that his favourite players were more valueable, he is in 6th.

    Anyways, those are two many stats, and will only freeze movement of teams. Lots of up and down in scoring, but little to no positional changes. Go with a standard 5x5 league, since it is your first year.

    A league like the one mentioned is pointless, and if it is you who started it because you want to learn, I tell you this, you are just going to get confused, quick.

    5x5, runs+home-runs+RBI+steals+bat. .avg

    ten cats that are most important. Only one I like other is On-BASE-PERCENTAGE, which is like bat. avg. but actually measures how much guys make quality hits, or get walked because they have huge bats. I prefer that stat, but, avg is common and fine, it is generally jsut a higher numbner.

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    • Yeah, I just jumped outta that league and just signed up for a public league. I think its those basic stats....I'll kick the tires in there...thanks

    • Also consider stats like GSs. You may have Ryan Howard and he may just happen to hit zero grand slams in the 50 HRs he'll have this year. Then a non roster rookie may have 2 in a week. There may be 11 hit by any one team in your league, and some teams will, purely by luck, have zero by the end of the season. Shutouts are the same, cycles are the same.

      Here is where, statistically they are rookie manager leagues. You can dominate all of the regular statistical categories, be top 3 in each. And one bottom feeder can by sheer luck be #1 in these oddball, low statistical number a season categories and he gets 12 points, where you are by sheer luck number 12, and you get 1 point. There is little to no skill in getting them, ie. managing/drafting for them. These oddball categories are 100% equal in the league scoring system to huge compilatation statistics like hits, or batting average or Hrs or Strike outs, etc.

      The difference between first and second place in a league by the end of a season is usually by less than 12 points if it's competitive. Even if it's dominated and someone might win by 20, these oddball categories can easily change that to where he loses the league, and may end up in 2nd, 3rd or 5th, who knows. There is less skill than luck when it comes to that, thus your enjoyment may be less, depending on if you like math and statistics or if you prefer to hope money randomly drops on your head to make rent.


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