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  • Mike Mike Feb 12, 2009 8:40 AM Flag

    1-3 round picks!

    I've got 2nd overall in a 10 team keeper, need a bit of advice on who to take rounds 1-3, 2& 3 mostly...

    1st Rd (2nd overall) - Han-Ram (if he falls)
    - Pujols

    Ideally i'd like Han-ram, but the chances of him falling to 2nd are slim

    2nd/3rd round - I'd love to believe that Utley will fall to 19th overall but i serously have my doubts, out of these players in similar ranking who would you take 19th and 22nd overall?

    - Utley (unlikely but possible)
    - Feilder
    - Beltran
    - Pedroia
    - Phillips
    - Manny
    - Morneau
    - Lincecum
    - Santana

    I dont like taking pitching early, but i tossed the top names there just in case, with my 2nd/3rd picks i'd like to sure upmy infield... my ideal draft:

    1st - Han-Ram
    2nd - Utley
    3rd - Feilder

    thats unlikely, I think Han-ram and Fielder are quite possible, but what 2nd bagger would you take if Utley isnt there?

    Pedroia? opinions! ... Keeper league

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    • If either of those second basemen is available, go for it. You can always find power at first base, so save that for another round. I'd say Utley, Phillips, Pedroia, in that order. I doubt if Beltran will be there, but if he is (and all the 2B are gone), think about going with the power/speed combo.

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      • thanks, im still having a hard time on this tho... need more opinions....

        I'f i dont draft Fielder at 20 ish, and i do get one of the 3 second basemen, then my picks are really limited to OF and 1B and P, i dont like taking a SP that early, but if Lincecum is there i may have to take a chance on him, so really unless someone slips significantly, Fielder seems like the best option for my 19th overall:

        He's 25, had a 50 HR season, reliably 35+, .280 BA isnt brutal, 100 + RBI

        If my team turned out like this:

        Han Ram

        I think it would be an excellent balance of speed/power/ba, also id have players at MI that are rare commodities

        It really boils down to who else other than fielder?


    • My thoughts: you have to take either Han Ram or A Rod as your first pick. Pujols is the better player, but 1B is very deep and SS and 3B are not. Being that you have a late second pick I would try and get Utley if he's there, mostly because of the position scarcity. The only reason he might fall is because of his injury. If you like pitching, I would go with Sabathia. He should still be available at 19. He has finished the last 2 years in the top 15. The third round you can get a steal. Matt Holliday. If he's there I would advise getting him in the 2nd, but thats your choose. He isn't going to lose a lot, he is a top 5 hitter. No doubt. He's finished in the top 10 the past 2 years and top 25 the past 3. Last years numbers I think will be very close to this year. He missed almost a month and he still finished 9th. Move him to Oakland and the numbers will be the same. He's a definite steal.
      Here's my rankings after the 1st round
      2nd Round
      1 - Howard
      2 - Santana
      3 - Kinsler
      4 - Teixeira
      5 - Sabathia
      6 - Hamilton
      7 - Berkman
      8 - Lincecum
      9 - Braun
      10 - Beltran
      3rd Round
      1 - Pedrioa
      2 - Ca Lee
      3 - Soriano
      4 - Morneau
      5 - Halladay
      6 - Longoria
      7 - Suzuki
      8 - Bay
      9 - Ortiz
      10 - Upton

      I have Holliday and Utley in the 1st round. If they're available you have to get them. I think the guys that might be there that are must haves are 1 Holliday, 2 Utley, 3 Sabathia, 4 Beltran, 5 Lincecum, 6 Ca Lee

      Don't be stupid and pick Phillips or Fielder. Getting a .280 ba with 30 hrs and 100 rbis isn't good for 3 rd.

    • If you cannot get Utley I would go for Kinsler or Phillips. In most mocks this winter Kinsler has been going early and often before Utley which means Utley may still be there.

      As far as the other picks are concerned, I would stay away from Beltran, he is older and is past his prime. Also, his BA is less than stellar.

      All of the pitchers you listed are very solid picks, however I am like you in that I do not like to draft pitching early. Especially this season as starting pitching is a very deep position. With that being said if you can get Lincecum in the third round it is an absolute steal in any keeper or dynasty league.

      Picking up an elite 2B in the first few rounds is a very smart idea. As far as the rest of the infield in concerned I would not be worried about filling it out in the first few rounds. If you cannot get Reyes or Hanley there are plenty of young SS out there to pick up in later rounds. Look for Elvus Andrus later in the draft. He will more than likely be the starting SS in Texas which means good fantasy production at a cheap rate.

      Rounds 3-5 I always try to look for the most value regardless of position and avoid pitchers. Look for guys like Markakis, Kemp, Morneau, A. Gonzalez and so on. I would put Fielder in this section. However, I am not the biggest fan of him yet because of his BA. Always, look for plus .300 hitters in the first several rounds.

      Last point: IMO Jay Bruce is going to be n absolute fantasy machine. This year he may only be a top 15 or so OF but soon enough he will be an elite fantasy player. He is the one guy I would really stretch to get.

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      • Your outlook is similar to mine, only difference is that in the 5th round, unless there is soneone i cannot possibly pass up, id like to get a stud SP like Peavy or Hamels, my pitching actually won it for me last year haha

        AS far as feilder goes, i like him, hes 40+ Hr upside and 35 guarenteed, his Ba is usually at .280 or so, which is why i was thinking a guy like Pedroia would be nice to get along with him, nice balance of power/speed/runs/average

    • need some opinions


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