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  • ru ru Feb 10, 2009 3:26 AM Flag

    Alex Fraudriguez?

    You guys still drafting him? I know I'm not.

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    • I don't pass up automatic 40 HR 120 RBI players.

    • Have you actually looked at his Stats before the 2001,02,03 seasons and after those three. They are basically the same. If you are a goody two shoes don't draft him; but if you are like real people and have made some mistakes come back to real life. He did not take the Rocket or Bonds route and lie; so ease up dude! You probably won't get a chance to pick him anyway!

    • I do not condone what he did, however he was by far not the only one. Hes one of the best players in baseball history, with or without the drygs. They only made him strong but certainly didn't improve his swing or hand-eye coodination. I do not feel bad for the effects of this leekage, but I do forgive him; The pressure he puts himself under is ridiculas, and staroids made him more confident as well as more productive. If he did stop in 03 then he stopped before the league, or the fan really cared. I think guys like Manny, Big Papi and Albert Pujuols were all on them as well, I gaurentee you end up with one former user on your team, you may have 5 w/o knowing it. To boycott a fantasy player is childish b/c we now know for a fact more than 25% of guys who have played in the last 15 years have known of and used preformance enhancing drugs. Thousands more minor league duds used as well, but lacked true baseball skill. A-Rod could be on crack and he'd be a better player than you'll ever be, and thats the truth. I believe he is a brave person who did the right thing yesterday and confessed unlike Bonds Clemens and many others. I want to see an active star come out and confess w/o being caught, its the only way to allow baseball to move on.

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      • AH fuck this dude got smashed we wouldn't have known jack shit if he never got caught and that's THE TRUTH! Fuck this guy he's only admitted the shit he's gotten caught for, how the fuck do you believe the shit that come out of his ass lips. Is it because he goes on national tv chillen with katie couric, apologizing and begging for your bitch ass forgiveness. Fuck!! this guys the biggest punk bitch if you had any love for the sport you'd know what the fuck I'm saying. ps. 139 guys is not 25% of baseball in the last 15 years.

    • What does his steroid news have to do with Fantasy Baseball 2009?

      Get over it moron.

      How would you feel if you made one mistake and your gf/wife left you and everyone else said you're undatable?

      Oh wait, you're probably a single loser warming up Delissio in your oven and eating it all by yourself.

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      • Between 2001-2003, steroids and other performance enhancing substances were not prohibited by the MLB office, that was why the 104 players that tested positive did not receive punishment. A-Rod tested negative since 2004, and there is no report stating otherwise.

        Need less to say, using steroids or any other performance enhancing substances should be frowned upon (to put it mildly) regardless they are illegal at the time or not (based on MLB regulations). It shouldn't be condoned, and I'm glad the authorities are giving more effort to prevent it.

        And then there is the issue where A-Rod stated on CBS in 2007 (or 2008) saying he has never used any performance enhancing drugs. Well, lying is something that is frowned upon (again to put it mildly). But it is not an unforgivable sin. We have probably lied countless of times due to stress, fear, ego, or any other reasons. I'm also glad A-Rod has came out clean by admitting the things he had done and lies he had said, even if he's forced by the circumstances.

        I think we should put this behind and focus on the "now", and make sure no one else is taking these illegal substances from now on.

        That's my two cents. And, no, I'm not a Yankee's fan. In fact, I quite hate the Yankees. And I have no particular preference over A-rod. If I get first pick in this year's draft, I'd go with Pujols, David Wright, and A-Rod would probably be my third or fourth choice. So don't brand me as an A-Rod or Yankee's lover.


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