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  • DJ DJ Feb 7, 2009 11:16 AM Flag

    Playing Fantasy MLB in the offseason

    I'm sick and tired of looking at the board, seeing managers who ask for trade advice and seeing other members who reply, "How are you playing, it's not open!"

    Here's how.

    For those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last decade, Keeper leagues are year round. While you're sitting still with just your NFL and NBA teams, I'm trading players and draft picks in the keeper leagues I run.

    In a nut shell, it's real simple! You could probably BS your way through one as well.

    You start a Yahoo Group or a nice looking website...(Make it private or you will get some crazy wackos wanting to join). Setup your group to reflect what your league is about. The league setup, settings, etc...

    I took some screen shots of my group and the leagues I run within it: http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a127/dj_rounsley/Keeper%20Leagues/

    You need a commish who is willing to spend about 10 minutes per week in the offseason and 5 during the regular season to update files, etc. Not hard at all, just take 5 minutes away from looking at porn.

    Keeper leagues are a fun way to keep the fun going year round, while trying to build a contender. The key is to find the best managers who will play and be active...Otherwise the league will fail.

    A few other notes, the difference between Keeper Leagues and Dynasty Leagues. Keeper League you keep a smaller number, anywhere from 1 player to 12ish. Dynasty Leagues keep the whole roster.

    I prefer Keeper leagues with a number around 8 or 9 protected players per team, that way each team can attempt to build a team for the future while having enough talent in the draft to rebuild around your keeper players.

    Yahoo has new settings for private leagues where you can set your Live draft up as a keeper draft...Lets say you keep 5. The commish just needs to go in and add the keeper players to the top 5 rounds, then accept it. Once the draft starts, the 1st 5 rounds will burn through in about 5 seconds setting all the players each kept, then the draft will start round 1 (actually 6).

    This help at all?

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