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  • GuitarMark GuitarMark Feb 6, 2009 11:10 AM Flag

    Who would you Keep?

    I can keep 9 of the following, what do you think?

    G. Soto
    R. Howard
    M. Cabrera
    H. Ramirez
    G. Sizemore
    BJ. Upton
    J. Bruce
    M. Kemp
    N. Markakis
    C. Quentin
    C. Barmes

    S. Baker
    M. Capps
    B. Fuentes
    C. Hamels
    J. Litsch
    J. Nathan
    C. Perez
    J. Shields
    E. Volquez
    C. Wade

    I'm leaning towards this 9:

    Soto, Howard, HanRam, Cabrera, Sizemore, Bruce, Upton, Hamels, Nathan


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    • I'd keep Hamels, Howard, Cabrera, HanRam, Sizemore, Upton, Kemp, Markakis, and Bruce. No reason to keep a closer, even if it's the best one. With that offense you'll be fine and you can always trade for a starter later.

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    • No brainers: Howard, Miggy, Hanley, Sizemore, Markakis, Hamels

      next possibles: Kemp, Upton, Quentin, Bruce, Shields, Volquez, Soto, Nathan, pick 3 to fill the 9 out.

      I would say Nathan to grab another pitcher, Kemp over Bruce, and Upton.

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      • If you want to keep a closer than Nathan is keepable as he is a stud, but think about doing a normal draft. Would you draft Nathan over Upton, or Quentin?

        Can't complain about Kemp. And again, if you have Howard and Miggy you can't play Bruce.

        Think about Soto... He was a rookie last year and killed it. He will only get better, and the team around him is great. He will be a top 3 C this year with not much behind him... let alone years to come.

    • everything's good in yours except bruce, keep markakis, quentin, or volquez over him...

    • I wouldn' keep a closer if it meant you could have a super-stacked lineup. Here's the nine I'd take (in order):

      1. Hanley
      2. Sizemore
      3. Cabrera
      4. Howard
      5. Upton
      6. Markakis
      7. Kemp
      8. Hamels
      9. Quentin

      I think you can go back and forth between Markakis and Kemp, and if you decided to only keep one, I wouldn't fault you for taking Bruce and his upside instead keeping both.

    • 1)soto 2) howard 3)ramirez 4)cabrera 5)sizemore 6)bj upton 7)quentin 8)markakis 9)hamels (i dont ever keep a closer)

    • Soto - great catcher, will get better on top offense
      Howard - ate more subway to be in better shape
      Miggy - Tigs offense should improve
      Han Ram - duh
      Sizemore - just 27, best season still to come
      Upton - What a playoff run... wow
      Markakis - Phenom... if O's improve... watch out
      Hamels - Stud. You need someone to anchor your staff

      Heres where it gets tricky...

      Bruce - great player, would keep if you didn't have Howard and Cabrera... look to trade him with a pitcher for a better pitcher

      Quentin - hmmm... i might keep him over Markakis actually... i missed him and am too lazy to adjust my post

      Fuentes - now with the angels... k-rod killed it last year... never keep a closer unless you have elite

      Nathan - I wouldn't, but if you think he is elite or others are keeping theirs... you can always get cheap saves down the road

      Shields - Great pitcher... I would look to package him with Bruce to someone who does not have a great 1B... let alone 2... and try to steal a stud SP to go with Ham

      Volquez - See above

      Hope this helps... ya really can't go wrong

    • nice problem

      1.h ramirez
      2.m cabrera
      3.g sizemore
      4.r howard
      5.m kemp
      6.c hamels
      7.n markakis
      8.james shields
      9.b upton.


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