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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 3, 2009 7:55 PM Flag

    Draft Results for 12 spot

    What are you talking about russell j??
    Molina is a 15th rounder, what is he 35? so what he had a good season!!
    I can name 15 1B that are better than Lee... so he is a 7th rounder
    Kinsler is a 2nd round pick
    Rollins dont know why you took him 1st round, should have taken someone who can pop 40 consistent...
    Davis will be good, so he will be around a 5-7 pick
    Vlad, is getting old, he isn't what he use to be at all, power numbers going down every year, taking him in the 4th round, bad idea..
    Maggs Mag is a 20 100 guy, not nearly worth the 5-6 round pick you took him for..
    Bay Is a solid player, I think he was a good pick, he will be a 30 100 guy

    Pitching sucks


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