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    Draft Results for 12 spot

    For those of you new to this.. in a twelve team league, the best draft positions to be in are 1-3 and 10-12. I personally prefer the 12 pick, in all drafts...

    here's the team i came out with, which i'm obviously pretty high on since i'm posting it...

    Postion/Player Round
    C. Benji Molina 13
    1B. Derrek Lee 7
    2B. Ian Kinsler 2
    SS. Jimmy Rollins 1
    3B. Chris Davis 6
    OF. Jason Bay 3
    OF. Vladdy 4
    OF. Magglio 5
    UTIL. Raul Ibanez 9
    BN. Cameron Maybin 17

    SP. John Lackey 8
    SP. David Price 10
    SP. Zack Greinke 12
    SP. Chris Carpenter 16
    RP. Joey Devine 14
    RP. Huston Street 15
    BN. Rich Harden 11
    BN. John Smoltz 18
    BN. Chris Volstad 19
    BN. Kenshin Kawakami 21
    BN. Chris Ray 20

    As far as draft strategy, I prefer to wait on pitchers. Lackey, Price, and Greinke as your first 3 pitchers should make any manager pretty excited... and all of them were takin after round 8. Waiting on pitching gives you the option of drafting bat value that you won't find on the waiver wire. For example, all three of my starting OF are a lock for 100 RBIs, and you could argue that I have a total of 6 guys that could produce 90+ RBIs.

    Feel free to voice your opinions.

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    • You have a bunch of declining players and young "better hope so" types. If you aren't right on 80% of them, unless you play with idiots, you are in serious trouble.

    • Glad your happy and your bubble won't burst for at least 2 months

    • Who was available at 1114/15/16 and 17?

    • Plenty of critique already about the quality of your team ... nuff said ... most of it spot on. I disagree on your choice of where you prefer to draft. Sitting in the wheel spots (1-2 , 11-12) with at least 20 picks before your next one leaves you vulnerable to runs on players, like RPs. The only remedy to this is that you may sometimes have to reach for a player perhaps a bit to soon with that 2nd pick, trying to anticipate the coming choices that will be made before you draft again. Not saying you can't do a good job of it ... just that its a bit difficult at times.

      I prefer the middle 6 picks 4-9, the closer to the middle the better. You not waiting as long for your next pick, protected somewhat from runs on players, and no need to reach for a player, unless, of course, you have a gut instinct on someone that you feel will have a breakout (Hamilton last year) or comeback (Lee last year) season.

      Best of Luck this year to all

    • if the numbers behind the names stands for the round you drafted them in, who were you draftiong against? school for the blind? say what you want, but this has to be a mock draft. if this is a real league, is it too late to join? and let me know when you draft next year. it's a decent team, but your closers are weak. your SP's do come with a lot of ?'s, but if healthy should be solid. molina isn't a favorite of mine, and never will be. will give you a decent avg from catcher's position. did guerrero get 100 RBI's last year, or was he in mid 90's? so don't say your OF is a lock for 3 100 RBI guys, Bay isn't a lock either.

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      • What are you talking about russell j??
        Molina is a 15th rounder, what is he 35? so what he had a good season!!
        I can name 15 1B that are better than Lee... so he is a 7th rounder
        Kinsler is a 2nd round pick
        Rollins dont know why you took him 1st round, should have taken someone who can pop 40 consistent...
        Davis will be good, so he will be around a 5-7 pick
        Vlad, is getting old, he isn't what he use to be at all, power numbers going down every year, taking him in the 4th round, bad idea..
        Maggs Mag is a 20 100 guy, not nearly worth the 5-6 round pick you took him for..
        Bay Is a solid player, I think he was a good pick, he will be a 30 100 guy

        Pitching sucks

    • I think it is very strong and I adopt a similar drafting strategy. I wait on my pitching and catcher. I try and get high K guys in the later rounds just as you did. You went strong up the middle with your first two picks in Rollins and Kinsler and that is hard to argue. #3 SS and #1 2B is a great first two rounds. I'm not as high at this point in their careers on Mags and Vlad as you are but if they continue without prolonged injury stints, they will play up to their 5th and 4th round selections.

    • meh, ill give you decent at best, half of your offense if past their prime and your pitching is very injury prone.

    • your pitching staff is very weak. I love smoltz and carp but they are both going to be on the dl for the majority of the season. Houston Street's velocity is way down....good luck

    • You got no SP, Greinke had a great year but he is the type of guy who could easily fall apart he has alot of talent and is some what of a head case tho.

      Carpener is hurt, Price shouldnt be the first pitcher you take he is going to be a rookie and may struggle he has alot of upside but you are relying on him to much. Harden is hurt but should be ready if hes healthy all year he might be your best SP, hes a stud. Smoltz is some one you didnt need to draft but it depends on the league and how deap it is I am hoping to get him off waiver because he wont be ready to May but when he is ready he will be good but could see time a RP some point during the season.
      So Lackey, Harden, Greinke is ok then Price and Carpenter are big gambles I think carpenter will barley pitch this year hes probally all done injurys probally have ruined his carear.
      You need a Closer, Devine will compete with Ziegler but Ziegler is the favorite and Street will compete with Corpas but Corpas is the favorite so if they loose whos gonna get you saves. Ray isnt a closer either.

      Your deff gonna get some RBIs and HR with your lineup and Rollins and Kinsler should help out anuff in SBs, You have alot of guys who are 300 hitters so your avg should be good and OBP. Your OF isnt a lock tho for 100 Rbis, Vlad is declining each year and he doesnt have much around him so 100 Rbis isnt a gaurantee for him. Bay should get a 100, Ordonez is getting older and doesnt have much other then Cabreara and Granderson and if stays healthy he could have a shot at 100 but dont be surprised if he falls a little short and his power is down.

      I dissagrea about waiting on P I like to get one in 2nd or 3rd some one I no is going to produce, then wait and pick up guys who slip and guys who I think are gonna have big years.

      my last player I choose when it comes to picking a starter is usually a 2B or OF because there is alot of OF evrey year who dont get picked and have break out years and I pick them up. Like last year with Quinten and Nady.

      You could make the playoffs but I dont think your gonna win your league.

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      • bro...
        1. price was not the first pitcher I took. To say that he is a big gamble is quite a stretch. I live in Tampa, and watched him pitch in both the minors and the bigs. Trust me, he's no gamble.
        2. Since when has Vladdy EVER had anyone around him for protection(aside from half a year with Teix)? He still puts up 100 RBIs annually.
        3. I won 2 out of the 4 leagues i played in last year, both with the stratergy of waiting on pitchers. Neither of those two championship teams had any SP that lept out at you. They were successful because of the stacked offenses they provided.

    • i don t see anything on that team to be glad about?


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