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  • eric eric Jan 22, 2009 4:58 PM Flag

    Thoughts on Ichiro

    Ichiro is now 35 going on 36 in October. He's a great experienced veteran but his team isn't great and he may be getting a bit slower than past seasons. I can only see a .300/4/30 and 35 stolen bases. There is plenty of new fresh legs. So where do you see his stats and his draft spot?

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    • Step back and take a closer look. Ichiro is a 2 category player at best and his SB's come mostly before the all star break. He runs very little in the second half. Also, over the past three seasons he has gotten off to slow starts making him an early liability. He has almost no supporting cast to drive him in so the runs scored will continue to drop precipitously. He will go early but let someone else drink the kool-aid.

    • Not much below 2008's. I like him in Round 3 of 12 team drafts, but then again, I rarely get the guy... you may have to go with second round to get him.


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