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    What wins a roto league, most importantly

    I am just curious in what everyone thinks wins a roto league. Either the players you draft, or the players you pick up via FA.
    I know most people will say both, duh, but if you had to pick which is the most important....

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    • your last 5 picks of the draft

    • The most important thing, is both. You can win a league with an amazing draft, or with awesome FA work, but you're more likely to win if you succeed at both. You almost cant win a league if you bomb on 2 of your top 5 picks, but if you pick great, you wont win the league if you dont find any FA sleepers, and minor league callups.

    • there is no question it is draft- that is if you're playing in a league with people who actually know something about baseball. You don't pick up guys of Arod or Pujols or Mauer's caliber off of the free agent wire. Almost every player who finishes in the top 25 in fantasy points is drafted (in a good league). these are the type of players that carry championship teams. I've never seen a team finish in first place that did not have a couple of the highest scoring players on their team. guys like nate mcclouth (last year) are extremely rare. It's baseball, the numbers always work out over 162 games. The free agent wire can help you to fill holes, but if you have to ride the free agent wire too much then you must have drafted a crappy team. It's extremely unlikey to pull a 20 game winner or a 200 k or 50 save pitcher or a 50 hr or 120 rbi hitter off the free agent wire.

    • Hmmm, only one said that his draft won his league for him......

    • I think the FA pickups count the most. I won my Roto league and drafted Hafner early. But thanks to getting guys like Cliff Lee off the FA list at the proper time even bad draft picks can be made up for in the long run.

    • Both are significant. However, finding great value in the draft can carry your team to victory. Last year in a (big money) 12 team roto league I got Kinsler in the 9th round, Hamilton in the 12th, Soto in the 18th, and McClouth in the 23rd. Package that with my safe early picks of A-Rod, Teixera, and Carlos Lee and it was a smooth ride. Of course free agent pickups helped also, Aubrey Huff, Alexi Ramirez, Chris Davis, Andre Eithier, and a slew of pitchers (going with the hot hand).

      Overall, draft safe picks early and take chances on high upside guys once the studs are off the board.

    • uggla, mclouth, kazmir, harden, dye, figgins, m.bradley are the FA pickups i got last year in a public roto league and it def. made the difference!

    • If it's roto, draft as many 5-Cat guys as you can and focus on hitting first. Overweight steals slightly, but avoid guys that only get steals with no power. Avoid the low batting average guys like the plague (you will never recover from that mistake). Get a couple high strikeout pitchers. The draft and FAs go hand in hand. If you draft this way you will have a good base to make the right FA choices.


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