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  • Kwanwoo Kwanwoo Oct 2, 2008 10:50 PM Flag


    It's a 10 Team Roto League, and I get to keep 10.
    Positions are:
    Batters: 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN
    Pitchers: 4 SP, 2 RP, 2 P, BN, BN, BN

    Roster: Batters
    C Mauer, McCann
    1B Morneau, Teixeria
    2B Kinsler (DL), Johnson
    3B C. Jones
    SS H. Ramirez
    OF Ichiro, Soriano, Wigginton, C. Lee (DL), R. Winn

    Roster: Pitchers
    SP Sabathia, Garza, Lohse, Litsch, Lowe, Harang, J. Johnson, Brett Myers
    RP Nathan, Jenks, Soria

    I want to keep McCann and Mauer and use one of them as trade bait. So here is my own list of the 10 players:
    C Mauer + McCann
    1B Morneau + Teixeria
    SS H. Ramirez
    OF Suzuki, Soriano
    SP Sabathia
    RP Nathan
    and one of Carlos Lee or Ian Kinsler.
    What are your thoughts? Please help me!

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    • instead of ichiro, keep lee then ur all good

    • Mauer, Morneau, Teixiera, Kinsler, H. Ramirez, Ichiro, Soriano, Sabathia, Nathan, Jenks.

      And go get starting pitchers right away in the draft.

    • id take lee. kinsler gets hurt a lot. lee's was a freak accident. please respond to the question WHO IS BETTER, thank you.

    • Kinsler is a no-brainer to keep. 2B production has elevated this year but he is a decent bet to put similar numbers up next season.

      Lee is consistent, I would keep him as well and you need the boost at OF unless you target that in the draft.

      I would lose Mauer for sure from that list.

      My replacement - Matt Garza, that guy can throw and I think he will improve next season as well. That would give you an SP#1 in Sabathia and probably an SP#3 in Garza on a 4-man starting pitching roster.

      I tend to NOT keep closers in keeper leagues as they go down or lose their job so easily. Also catchers I try to chase from the waiver wire. Doumit this year, Martin last year, McCann year before...all for NO draft pick at catcher.

      So my last pick would either be Nathan or McCann depending what sits better with you.

      Ichiro is worth a pick...he's dipping but still on option for R, SB and AVG

      My recommendation

      Nathan / McCann

      Hope that helps, feel free to challenge my points I like a good debate....

    • Good list, but keep Lee and Kinsler and drop Suzuki. He's getting old, has no power and he didn't steal any bases that last 6 weeks and his average dipped.

    • Drop a catcher and keep both...Lee is so consistant its amazing and Kinsler is a good hitter at a position that has below average hitters which rises his value.

      Keeping both Catcher's just to trade one of them is stupid...would you trade Brian McCann for Kinsler or Lee...I would! There is your trade right there.

    • I'd keep Kinsler in a second over Lee. I always prefer youth, especially in a keeper league. Plus the fact that he plays 2nd base. His numbers would have been ridiculous if he would have stayed healthy. I had Lee and traded him, fearing his numbers would decline.


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