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  • James Vanaskey James Vanaskey Sep 7, 2008 4:54 AM Flag

    In a prodicament!!!!!

    ok well here is the story, i am tied 6 to 6 in a 12 stat league! And with the tie breaker being ERA in which i am winning with a 2.38 but my opponent is not far behind with a 2.53, but he picked up 2 pitch and ditch guys to try tie me in wins which i lead by one..... Wandy Rodriguez and Josh Johnson, but if he gets one win he takes the lead, but i also have three pitchers going but dont want to risk the ERA tiebreaker..... Not to mention I am only 1SB behind and only 2 runs behind, and wins is the only possible stat he can catch me in all the others i lead by to much. So what im thinking is sit all my pitchers not to risk losing my era and hoping he doesnt get a win, but if he does then i put my hopes on getting a SB or beat him in runs because i have three players in the PHI-NYM double header, or should I start my most dominant matchup pitcher being Matt Garza against the Blue Jays not to mention he has owned them his last three outings and hope for a win and not to many runs? Let me know what you think I didnt think it could ever get this close.....

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