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  • King Coub King Coub Mar 4, 2010 6:36 PM Flag

    Ask Me Questions

    What would you do to get both albert and arod on the same team? Anyone that knows how to win in fantasy sports knows that having a power duo that is CONSISTENT is the key to winning.

    That question has been going through my mind since I have seen this last offer.. Advice or comments would be appreciated

    I got an offer from lets say Team A (i am team b)

    Team A trades
    Jay Bruce
    Vladimir Guerrero


    Team B
    Mark Reyonalds
    Tim Lincecum

    I know that Team B is giving up an insane amount of talent and numbers just to get A rod and to huge risks.

    But consider this
    Team B's pitching staff already includes
    Johan Santana
    Justin Verlander
    J Happ
    Randy Wolf
    Ben Sheets
    Dice K

    So all and all that pitching staff with out Tim Lincecum in it is still a pretty decent one.

    So like i asked before would all of this risk for Team B, be worth having A-ROd and albert on the same team..

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